Our Route (sort of)

This is the map that Anne just put together with her map-photoshopping brilliance to show you visual folks where we plan on going.

This is where we plan on going for you list-loving people, give or take:

Day 1: New York to DC, possibly with a stop in Philly to get a car, because it’s cheaper
Day 2: Pal about DC
Day 3: Go to Pittsburgh
Day 4: Go to Columbus or Toledo OH or Indianapolis, IN or some small dinky Midwest town
Day 5: Go to Chicago, stay with Mel
Day 6: Tourist in Chicago
Day 7: Go to Columbia, MO to visit Katie
Day 8: Katie
Day 9: Go to Wichita, KS. Find something to do here or hereabouts
Day 10: Go to Denver, Colorado Springs, and Boulder
Day 11: More Denver
Day 12: Go to SLC
Day 13: Go to Boise for stopover
Day 14: Take drive to Walla Walla via Enterprise, WA (see on map) for a very long drive through backwoods in mountains/Hell’s Canyon
Day 15: Go to Seattle for the wedding
Day 16-17: Seattle
Day 18: Go to Somewhere between Seattle and San Francisco
Day 19: go to San Francisco
Day 20: San Francisco
Day 21: San Francisco and Home

That’s right, Katie gets two days.

Of course, this is a very rough idea. We plan on making a very detailed route, and then we plan to pay absolutely no attention to it. All that matters is that we are in Chicago on September 17th for a Cubs game, September 29th for a wedding, and San Francisco Oct. 2nd for a flight. Between those, we don’t know.

Let us know what we should do, or else we’re going to be driving in circles for days, aimless.


~ by neoney on June 12, 2007.

5 Responses to “Our Route (sort of)”

  1. I dont see canada on this map?

  2. Well… first of all, we are amuricans and only believe that the US exists. Oh wait.

    I don’t have a renewed passport and we hadn’t really thought about Canada. We have to be in Seattle for a wedding at the end of September. I definitely want to take Neil up to the northwestern part of Washington to show him how effing gorgeous it is. Maybe we could swing by Vancouver? I would love to check out the Vancouver/Victoria coffee scenes, especially after James’ drool-inducing posts. We’ll see! Could we come visit you?

    The last thing I remember about victoria was going there when I was six with my parents, and I cried because they wanted to make me go to a Museum. But then the museum was cool, and had water features.

  3. Come down from Chicago on I65 to Indianapolis, stop in at Bjava Coffee and Tea off of the Lafayette Road exit. Do not stop in the town of Lafayette for coffee.

    You can go accross to Bloomington, IL on I74, and stop at Coffee Hound!

    Ok, now continue on to Kansas City!

    Please bring a Cafe Grumpy t-shirt and or mug! I will pay you for them.

    PS. we have a couple of good brew pubs and a fun wine bar!


  4. Ok, we can bring grumpy shwag! Thanks for the rec, Bj! And the warning about Lafayette…

  5. I knew I wrote a comment somewhere! I couldn’t remember where!
    There you are, well great. I look forward to meeting you.
    See you soon!

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