Beer, Music, and Food

Beer, Music, and Food are three words that, along with Coffee, pretty much define us. It’s sad, really, that our lives can be summed up so concisely, but it’s true.

That said, one of the main goals of our trip is to satisfy our need to drink beer and coffee, eat food, and listen to music. The problem is, everything between Pittsburgh and Walla Walla might as well be a foreign country.
We know/We don't know

See? That vast wasteland known as “Middle America” is a black hole: only radio emissions can get out. Not that we’ll probably be listening to much radio on the trip, as we are lovers of that fabulous, free-form, independent radio station in Seattle known as KEXP. And we expect to share that love in the form of stickers pasted up on telephone poles everywhere between here and San Francisco. We’ll be the Kilroy of independent radio.

Does other radio exist? I’ve heard rumors, but I’m wary. Let us know of anything you know. A basement show in Peoria, a college station in Boulder, we don’t care! Hell, even if you don’t have a radio station, maybe you have a kick-ass local music scene. We’ll get your cd and play it, and maybe even review it. We’re not music reviewers, but who cares?

And beer. Anne’s a bourbon girl, but I love beer. I love all types. Give me a Toasted Lager from Blue Point, a brown ale from Sixpoint, a Porter from Long Trail. I’m happy! But you’ll notice that all these come from, oh, about 300 miles from where I live (see above map). Do you know a great double from Wichita? Let me know, I’ll drink it. One of the things I’m looking forward to most for this trip is to find a new local craft beer I can lust after, and compare things to for years in the future.

And food. Oh food, how I love thee. We all need food to live, but while we may not need fried ravioli from the Hill in St. Louis, life wouldn’t be worth living if fried ravioli, or the idea of it didn’t exist. By the way, I learned about fried ravioli long ago, and have made it a life goal to eat it. I’ve had “fried ravioli” elsewhere, but it always tastes like salty rubber. I’m looking forward to trying it from the source. Just as I would do for wings at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, had we been planning on going there. What else should I get? Is the deep-dish in Chicago worth it (I know Anne wants it)? Can I get saltwater taffy in Salt Lake City? If so, is it more salty? (The Great Salt Lake is 8 times saltier than the ocean) I want good food, and I’ll have it, even if I have to cook it myself.

As for coffee, we’ve got a pretty good coffee map laid out before us, and I’m sure that Anne will elaborate on our plans in the near future. But I think we’re hitting nearly every coffeeshop-of-note between here and the Pacific, including, possibly, one or two in Canada.

Are there other things to life? Sure. Having friends, for example, is something life can’t do without, but what fun are friends without beer, music, and food? Just a bunch of sober people sitting around watching movies getting cranky because they’re hungry.


~ by neoney on June 15, 2007.

4 Responses to “Beer, Music, and Food”

  1. Seriously, you are making me want to cancel the wedding and use the budget money to rent a Winnebago and eat my way around the country.

  2. But then I wouldn’t have a reason to go to Tallahassee next year. So you shouldn’t do that.

  3. oh please, oh please tell me you are comming to Houston! we have all of those things and you do know something about middle america, I’m here! art is awesome, food is fattening and we have one decent coffee place. you can stay with me, unless it’s july 19-23 cause i’ll be visitin the fam. call me!

  4. Meghann – we looked long and hard at going to houston, but on a northeast-to-northwest trip, we couldn’t really rationally fit it in there. Hopefully we’ll become rich and famous from our blog, and so will be able to do this for a living. In wich case, our next trip will be southeast to southwest. And we will stop in houston. We really want to!

    Maybe we can meet up Upstate when you’re visiting fam next month?

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