So this weekend, Anne is going to the SCAA’s Skill-building conference in Washington, D.C., and I’m coming along so she doesn’t have to drive.

However, not being a barista, I really have no interest in barista skill-building. So while Anne is learning how to develop her profession, I’ll be out seeing the sites. I haven’t been to Washington since I was 10 or so, so it might be nice to see things at eye level.

I think maybe I’ll take a look at Lincoln, and meander on around the capital area while Anne’s in class.

Afterwards, we’re hoping to hit up a coffee shop or two (or three) including murky coffee in Arlignton, VA, ‘spro Coffee in Towson, MD, and possibly Small World Coffee in Princeton, NJ.

Also, I had a hankering for crab last night while we were watching a Deadliest Catch marathon, so if I could find some crab cakes while in Maryland, I wouldn’t say no. And I hear there are other things to do in the mid-atlantic states, too.

Expect a full report upon our return.


~ by neoney on July 2, 2007.

2 Responses to “Washington”

  1. So, has the trip actually started?

    If so, when will you be in Pittsburgh? Nobody at the shop mentioned anything, so we’re guessing it wasn’t yesterday or today. If you’re coming Thurs. you’re welcome to join us and some other baristas and roasters at Gooski’s – a traditional Pittsburgh dive bar we’ll be visiting Thurs night.

    Btw, having just been to Milwaukee last week, you really need to add Milwaukee and Alterra to your drive. I’d probably drop from Columbus (Crema Cafe) to Cincinnati (Rohs Street) to St. Louis, then go north to Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison and Minneapolis… after that, well…

  2. Thanks for the offer, Rich, but we actually haven’t started yet. We’ll be in Pittsburgh on Sept 14th or thereabouts.

    Thanks for the tip about Milwaukee! We’ll see what we can do. We do, however, have a couple of friends heading out that way from New York at the end of the month, so I’ll let them know!

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