Road Trip Itinerary Part Deux


Due to circumstances beyond our control, I’ve re-jiggered the route a bit to match some scheduling conflicts. While it’s a bit shorter, I still think it’ll be a good trip, and, of course, we probably won’t take this exact route, it’s just a guide:

Day 1: Go to Pittsburgh
Day 2: Go to Columbus or Toledo OH or Indianapolis, IN or some small dinky Midwest town
Day 3: Go to Chicago, stay with Mel
Day 4: Tourist in Chicago
Day 5: Go to Columbia, MO to visit Katie
Day 6: Katie
Day 7: Go to Wichita, KS. Find something to do here or hereabouts
Day 8: Go to Denver, Colorado Springs, and Boulder
Day 9: More Denver
Day 10: Go to SLC
Day 11: Stop at Yosemite on way to SF
Day 12: Go to San Francisco
Day 13: SF
Day 14: SF/Seattle/Crater Lake?
Day 15: Seattle
Day 16: Seattle
Day 17: Seattle/Home

Basically, we had to drop Washington, DC from the trip, and we’re now going to San Francisco before Seattle. It’s regrettable that we won’t be going to DC or through Hell’s Canyon, because both of those would be fun. But, since we’re going to Washington tomorrow, it should make up for it a bit. And we’ll just have to do Hell’s Canyon another time.

In other news, we rented a car! Or rather, we have a reservation for a car. It is, or is similar to, this:

Ford Fusion
We’re very excited.

Look for us on Monday, when we show some pictures of our weekend in Washington!


~ by neoney on July 6, 2007.

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