Neil barely knows coffee

If I know coffee at all, it’s because Anne hearts coffee.

Me and my Macc

I could explain the evolution of my coffee experience, but I just wrote it, and it’s boring as all hell. So suffice it to say, a year and a half ago, I had never had coffee in my life. And now, if I wrinkle my nose enough, I can drink straight espresso (I actually prefer chocolate macchiatos – give me time, huh?).

I have two reasons for this. The first is because Anne is a coffee fanatic. In fact, she’s a maniac. If it weren’t for her constant blathering on and on about it, I probably never would have tried it (um, that and her loving encouragement. yeah, that too.). The second is because of the industry. Unlike most people out there, I wasn’t first subjected to Folgers Flavor Crystals tossed in boiling water(I wouldn’t even know how to brew it). I never had the “Aha!” moment I see so often while at Anne’s coffeeshop when someone comes in for the first time and orders a latte, sees the rosetta (little tree?), and tries it, realizing that espresso drinks don’t have to be the over-extracted, bitter fuel-delivery-systems they are used to. Had I started with supermarket coffee, I may have never even tried a mocha because, well, I hate change. Plus, as it says in jimseven, try anything eight times and you’ll like it.

So because of this, I have been able to keep up with Anne as she goes on her adventure of coffee discovery. In fact (and don’t tell her I said this) I actually enjoy it. I enjoy learning new coffees. I like that I can tell the difference between Black Cat and Barrington Gold. I’m starting to learn the secret coffee code. And I like secret codes.

So keep making good drinks, and I’ll keep drinking them.


~ by neoney on July 17, 2007.

One Response to “Neil barely knows coffee”

  1. oh my lord, i love you guys. i was just catching up on my blog reading and your trip is going to be the best ever. sigh. i wish i was going on a road trip. i’m going on an airplane trip which makes me feel guilty about my emissions. at least i don’t own a car.
    ps, yes, this has nothing to do with this post, this one just happens to be at the top so it gets my comment.

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