coffee coffee coffee coffee

This dude was at the WBC! can I take him home and put him on a bookshelf or something?

Photo borrowed shamelessly from the blogging fiends at

Then Neil sent me this itinerary (maybe he’ll even link-a-fy the whole thing, I’m too lazy – it’s all based off of the lovely espresso map, however):

1. Aldo (Pittsburgh)
2. Ugly Mug (Ypsilanti)
3. Intelligentsia x2 (Chicago)
4. Metropolis Coffee (Chicago)
5. B-Java Coffee and Tea (Indianapolis)
6. Coffee Hound (Bloomington, IL) ?
7. Kaldi’s x2 (St. Louis)
8. Espresso Del’Annatra (Kansas City, MO)
9. The Roasterie (Kansas City, MO)
10. PT’s (Overland Park, KS and Topeka, KS)
11.Novo Coffeehouse (Arvada, CO)
12. The Coffee Tree (Loveland, CO)
13. Caffe d’Bolla (Salt Lake City)
14. Barefoot Coffee Roasters (Santa Clara, CA) ?
15. Eon Cafe (Hayward, CA) ?
16. Ritual Roasters, San Francisco)
17. Blue Bottle Roasters (San Francisco)
18. Pacific Bay Coffee Company (Walnut Creek, CA) ?
19. Flying Goat Coffee (Santa Rosa, CA and Healdsburg, CA) ?
20. Wandering Goat (Eugene, OR)
21. EVERY G-D CAFE ON EARTH!!! (Portland, OR)
22. Paradise Cafe and Espresso Bar (Vancouver, WA)
23. Lava Java (Ridgefield, WA)
24. Olympia Coffee Roasting (Olympia, WA)
25. Seattle is poorly under-represented on this map. Especially compared to the OMG TOO MANY CAFES in Portland.

And lastly, we saw this on the street the other day. Maybe they’re trying to go low-profile in NYC?


~ by Anne on August 2, 2007.

5 Responses to “coffee coffee coffee coffee”

  1. Coffee Hound has two locations. Bloomington is their main, and original and Normal, IL is their newist location.

  2. bj – where will you be, and therefore can recieve your grumpy schwag?

  3. Hey guys… just realized, a bunch of us from Aldo are headed up to Cleveland the afternoon of Sept. 14th for the SCAA cupping training on the 15th.

    From what we hear there will be drinking with some O-HI-O barista types the night of the 14th, despite the fact that’s sort of against the whole point of the next day’s exercises…

    Anyway, if you get to Aldo later in the afternoon on the 14th, you’ll probably miss all the barista competitors and competitors to be, since we’ll all be in O-HI-O.

    Maybe you can get out early and then join us in Cleveland?

  4. Hey Rich,

    We wouldn’t even be able to get to Pittsburgh until after you close on the 14th because I have to work that day. Boo work. But we want to see your space, so we’ll stay the night in Pittsburgh, have breakfast at Aldo, and then head over to Cleveland. Maybe we can meet you then? We really want to meet you guys.

  5. We will figure something out… that danged SCAA always has to pick the wrong dates for everything 😉

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