We Read Books

One day I was in a bookstore, trying to find a novel to read, and couldn’t find what I wanted. So I figured I should try to find one of the travel books I placed on my Amazon wishlist. The only book they had was Road Trip USA, the celebrated guidebook to America’s byways.

It’s a great book. It’s given me so many ideas for where to go, what to see, and where to eat. For example, did you know the world’s largest bottle of catsup is in Collinsville, IL? Neither did I. One annoyance, though: their routes go in the exact opposite direction we need to go in, with all of their cross-country trips originating on the Pacific coast. This requires us to read the book in reverse, which is a bit maddening, but dealable.

The book covers most, but not all, of our route, which is okay. I think if we were taking the exact route laid out in the book, it would feel like a guided tour, and if we wanted that, we’d just take the hop-on hop-off tour bus in Manhattan. Because of this, though, we still need to get another couple of books. Still on my list: Lonely Planet USA by Jeff Campbell and Glenda Bendure, Road Food by Jane and Michael Stern, and Ramble, a Field Guide to the USA by Eric Peterson.

I’m really looking forward to pouring through Road Food, because, well, I love food. I don’t really know what’s in it (besides food, of course), but I’m sure it’s great because everyone says so. If it’s anything like Feasting on Asphalt, the road food show from Alton Brown, then it’s going to be great. Because Feasting on Asphalt is amazing. And even better? There’s a new season coming up tomorrow!

I’m excited.


~ by neoney on August 4, 2007.

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