Just wanted to write to say thanks for all the tips we’ve recieved so far on this journey. Like Adam’s rec for Road Food (it was already on our wishlist, but thanks!), Cat’s warnings that we’re over-doing it (we probably are), and Sarah’s sage advice to get a motel room when we really need it. We are getting more excited than ever.

We still need a few places to stay, couch surfing wise. And we would still love advice about finding good beer in the middle country. Keep it coming!


~ by Anne on August 12, 2007.

One Response to “Thanks!”

  1. Something that i learned from my many roadtrips:
    You don’t want cankles.
    When Richard and I drove from Savannah to San Francisco, on our last 4 days before we reached Seattle, we were so poor that we could not afford to stay anywhere. So we slept in rest stops in the car for 4 nights straight. My ankles swelled up so much (from not lying down) that it seriously looked like it just went from calf to foot with nothing in between. Aside from the fact that it looked terrible, it was also extremely uncomfortable. so, LIE DOWN every once in a while, even if its in a park!
    love you.
    oh, also, if for any reason you pass through arizona (which i don’t think you are) you have to see The Thing. You will regret it for the rest of your life if you don’t.

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