Your favorite beer?

Harpoon Summer Beer in Window

Adam over on The Amateur Gourmet asked a question today about our favorite cocktails. However, I don’t drink liquor, and writing, “I like beer,” just doesn’t look descriptive enough next to everyone’s complicated alcohol orders. Personally, my favorite beers (because I’m incapable of choosing just one) are Blue Point Toasted Lager and Six Point Brownstone. Both New York beers, so I get to have them very often.

Anne, as she will tell anyone who asks, loves Alaskan Summer Ale. But to her infinite regret, it’s not available on the east coast, so she has to wait until she’s in Seattle to drink it.

So I’ll ask the same questions Adam did: what do YOU like? How did it become your favorite beer? How important is your beer to you?


~ by neoney on August 16, 2007.

8 Responses to “Your favorite beer?”

  1. When I lived in NYC I rarely drank beer and when I did it was usually something like Corona, Red Stripe, or Rolling Rock.

    Then I moved to Seattle. Within minutes of arriving my friends introduced me to Bridgeport IPA. Bottle conditioned hoppy goodness. Turns out I’m mildly allergic to hops. They make me sneeze and usually put me to sleep. But damn how I love them. The Bridgeport IPA is still a standby – reliably awesome beer that is not hard to find at any PNW grocery store. Very hard to find here in LA. There are not many IPAs I would rank above it as much of what is out there is overly sweet for my taste.

    The Big Time Brewery in the U District in Seattle brews an IPA called Bagwhan’s Best that is drop dead awesome. You can sometimes find it in better bottle shops in the 22oz bottle. It is my second favorite IPA of all time.

    My favorite IPA is one served only at the Hopvine in Seattle. Its called the Contraband IPA, brewed by Rogue based on a recipe similar to the once-great LaConner IPA. Its like a bright clear comet of hops lighting up in your brain. All the more special because it only appears on rare occasions.

    Ah beer…

  2. I’m more of an ale guy, myself. The malty caramel taste of a good, dark, brown ale is something that soothes me in ways I don’t understand.

    That’s not to say, however, that I don’t enjoy the crispness of an IPA every now and then. The other night we were at a bar where I could have tried the Dogfish Head 120-minute IPA. Unfortunately, I had already had a Sixpoint cask wheat ale and a couple others and didn’t feel up to taking on the 12% alcohol content in the IPA. But I’ve heard it’s good.

    We will definitely try the La Conner and the Contraband when we’re in Seattle.

    Do you know of anything similarly good in San Francisco or in CA in general? I’d be interested to know what to drink while we’re there.

  3. I recently tried the Speakeasy Prohibition Ale which is brewed in SF and loved it. Lagunitas IPA is a good, easy to find standby throughout CA.

  4. We can get Lagunitas here if you know where to look. It’s pretty good. But I’ll definitely look into the Speakeasy Prohibition Ale while we’re in California.

  5. Cooper’s is an Aussie outfit that does some spectacular work; their Sparkling Ale & Stout are both superb. Meantime Brewery in London has The Union, which is a Viennese-style amber lager which is heavy duty but refreshing pint (think blood oranges and bitters). Stateside, I always have a weak spot for Brookyln Lager & Anchor Steam.

  6. Norrebro Bryhaus in Copenhagen also does some spectacular brews; their Pacific Summer Ale is bright, hoppy, and grapefruit sharp.

  7. I think the Brooklyn Lager was the first beer I ever had in New York, and it’s highly possible that Anchor Steam was the very first beer I ever drank. Though I don’t really remember. That night is a bit. . . fuzzy. So they are both very special to me

    I haven’t been in the UK for 7 years, and don’t so much remember most of what I had, but I have fond memories of McCaffery’s, or however you spell it. It’s not available here, though, so, alas, it’s only fond memories.

  8. I love Red Seal Ale, from Mendocino Co, California. NorCal. It’s good stuff. North Coast Brewing Co. in Fort Bragg.

    Once you get to Portland, go wild. It’s the beer capital of the world, with more breweries than any other city anywhere. I guess that doesn’t mean they’re all good, but at least that leaves lots of room for tasting. 🙂

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