NYC Road Trip

This post is an attempt to replicate what our future journey’s reports will take. It was a complete dry run, with faulty equipment, bad weather, tense nerves, and sheer fatigue. But, in the end, I feel it worked out well. So here we go!

Road Trippin' in NYC
I took a Road Trip in NYC. Unlike most road trips, this one began with my old friend, the B48 Bus. This miracle of miracle runs between my neighborhood, prospect heights, and to my exact destination: gimme! coffee Brooklyn. There, I had a lovely espresso, one of the most attractive I have ever had the opportunity to photograph. That being said, it was the only thing I managed to photograph, as I was a total nervous nelly. Something about Gimme, especially the Williamsburg location, always intimidates the crap out of me. I think it’s because I see it as one of the most awesome places ever, and so I freak out a little when I am touched by such awesomeness.
Gorgeous espresso at Gimme!

But, no matter, my friend Ossian was sitting outside, as per usual upon a visit to Gimme, unless he happens to be driving across the country. Which he was, just a few weeks ago. So he gave me a map of Portland and advised the secret back way to Stumptown Division street – where he had “the best espresso of his life.” So now Stumptown has an even higher standard to live up to!

Oslo Coffee, BrooklynThe Probat sleeps tonight...
Alright, so pressing on, I journeyed forth to Oslo Coffee, a shop that either just opened or hadn’t quite opened before I moved out of Williamsburg. What a great space. Lots of light, floor to ceilings that open to the sidewalk, and, what’s this? A Probat in the corner? I asked about it, and sadly the poor guy is just sitting there – they currently use Cafe Vita for their coffee. It’s really hard to see a roaster sitting dormant. But the barista on duty was quite kind to me as I poked around the space, which is a little less immaculate than many NY coffee shops, but it gets the job done. I really like the feel of Oslo, but maybe it’s just the Norwegian nick knacks hanging around, it reminds me of my grandma, in a good way.
Oslo dining areaOslo Mach

9th St
While I was at Oslo, the weather turned a bit sour, and the rain started to come down. I scurried over to the subway into Manhattan, and met Neil at Ninth Street Espresso, home of the espresso pirates. Yay Neil! Someone else could awkwardly take pictures of a very small space! And so Neil was volunteered. He was also volunteered into drinking a picturesque macchiatto and I’m pretty sure he was happy with that charge. Christine, the barista on duty, was very courteous with us touristy-types. Two of my favorite things about 9th st are actually on their walls: one is a world map that shows where their current coffee offerings come from, the other is black and white photos of rosetta pours. And we all know how I love photos of rosetta pours.
Neil's Mach at 9th strosettas on the walls

After we had consumed 3-5 shots of espresso each, we decided we could use a snack. And what better snack than s’mac? This new restaurant opened this year and specializes only in mac and cheese. And if there’s one thing I love more than rosetta lattes… it’s mac and cheese. Needless to say, it was amazing.

Jack's, West VillageJack's Menu
Finally, after walking through the remainder of the thunderstorm, we made it to Jack’s Stir Brew in the west village. After eating so much dairy, it was hard to think of consuming another drop of milk… but I did. I had a lovely iced mocha, and we crowded into the small space (I think Jack’s holds the record for smallest coffee shop I’ve ever been in…) and snapped some shots. Neil of course loves that the Blue Point Toasted Lager is offered on the menu. What – you mean you don’t want to drink coffee all the time?
Stir Brew

While I had intended on making it up to Grumpy and to my own place of business, ye olde Joe, I got a little tuckered out. So fear not, Joesters and Grumpsters, we’re still coming! And then? AMERICA!


~ by Anne on August 18, 2007.

6 Responses to “NYC Road Trip”

  1. This is your mother blogging…oh, my, god…Haven’t I been telling you since you were 12 or so that every American who can should cross the USA on the ground at least once (worry about Hawaii and Alaska another time)? Happy to see you are practicing in NYC by bus and foot.

  2. Thanks mom. Maybe we’ll do an LA to Alaska trip one day, but not this time. Happy birthday!

  3. Stumptown coffee is SO. SO. GREAT. If i do wind up moving to Portland i am specifically choosing an apartment that is nearby Hawthorne street just so i can go to it. yum.

  4. I just wanted to tell you that I LOVED this post. As your previously praised focus group, I think you nailed it. I’m eager to continue reading, especially if this is a true indication of your future blogs on the road.
    Beautiful photos, informative captions, and interesting narrative. Bravo, my dears.
    I mean, I almost want to drink coffee now. And you know how I feel about that particular concoction…

  5. Is that awesomely thick-walled demitasse from Gimme?

    Btw, the Cleveland SCAA thing is postponed if you hadn’t heard (flooding). So, we’re all going to be around that Saturday to do whatever in Pittsburgh. Shoot us an email at aldo AT aldocoffee DOT com so we can discuss.

  6. […] So remember that map I like so much at the original 9th st? […]

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