I like pie.

Today I was pointed, via Treehugger, to the Sustainable Table Eat Well Guided Tour of America, who will be traveling across the country in a bio-diesel powered tour bus, visiting the most sustainable farms in the U.S., and, most importantly to me, trying to find the best pie they can along the way.

Anne isn’t big into pie. She doesn’t like the extra sweetness in cooked fruit, which saddens me, because apple pie is perhaps the best food on earth. Luckily, she makes really wonderful pie, and will begrudgingly make it for me when I bring enough apples home, as long as I help peel them. And since she doesn’t like pie, I get to eat the whole thing. Those are happy days.

For me, a good pie should be sweet, but not too sweet, and not overly cinnamony, because otherwise it tastes like stewed apples, which, while sometimes good, should be eaten in a small ceramic dish, and not between two pieces of pastry. The apples should still have bite to them, too. Too often a restaurant-ordered pie, while it may have been good initially, spends time in a pie case, and keeps heating, rendering the apple pieces into mush. Anne also puts a crumb top on her pies, which I like, because I think it helps the moisture leave the tin better, which results in a less runny final product.

But needless to say, I will be closely following the Sustainable Table tour bus, because if they can find the perfect slice of pie, I’ll be making sure I get to eat there, too.

But only after we eat pizza pot pie.


~ by neoney on August 21, 2007.

6 Responses to “I like pie.”

  1. What is your mothers apple pie?? Chopped liver?

  2. Mmm, I like pie!

  3. Eagerly anticipating your arrival. I will take my first official “personal day” on the 19th of September to take you around to all the local coffee joints. Perhaps the winery, too? I will also have to take you to Booches for a burger. I may even have a bite, just to please you. Of course, I could just make a home-cooked meal for you. Maybe you’ll be ready for one after days of road food?

    So why am I posting this under “I like pie?” Well, I just made a blackberry pie (my favorite), with delicious fresh blackberries from the farmer’s market. I experimented with a new all-butter crust recipe. It was kind of like eating a pie surrounded by cookies. I liked it, but I’m thinking next time going with a shortening/butter combo, so I don’t lose out on that flakiness you get from the shortening.

    So, what’s my point? Well, are there any pies that Anne does like? Pecan, perhaps? Chocolate peanut butter? I would love to make you kids a pie and try out a new recipe, so let me know, and I’ll start hunting for the best one out there.

    ps-Did you get my clothes? I miss them.

  4. Oh we’re so excited! I read about Booches in our road food book. It looked good, but I wasn’t expecting you to want to go, you know, you don’t eat meat. Speaking of not eating meat, I think the thing we’ll need most by the time we get to you are probably vegetables. We’ll be spending the two days prior to your visit with vegans (I think?), but there’s a lot of fried meats between Chicago and Missouri.

    As for pie, supposedly, you can get flakiness from butter, but it’s supposed to be really difficult. I wouldn’t be up to the task. But blackberries surrounded by cookies could be one of the best flavors on earth, but I still love apples.

    I’ll let Anne decide where she draws the line on pies. I’m never sure what is good and what isn’t.

    And yes, we have your clothes. They’re hanging in my closet right now, and it’s on our list to remember to bring them, so there’s a 40% chance or so that it’ll make it into the car.

  5. I firmly stand by the shortening-only crust method. Just a far superior crust! I tried a new butter crust last week, and while it was tasty, it was not as good. Anyway… that was in a peach blueberry pie, which was ok if you’re into that kind of thing. Neil ate it.

    I say, make apple pie. It’s Neil’s favorite, and Neil should be happy sometimes, and not just waiting on me hand and foot. I can handle apple pies, particularly if they have a cinnamony-streusel topping, or if I’m particularly inebriated. Which I hope I will be, after visiting the winery.

    Yay! And we even have dry cleaning for you!

  6. PIE OR DIE!

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