T-minus 18 days

So we leave the Friday after the Friday after next. That seems like a long time, or at least a convoluted path to a date in the future. But if it seems like that to you, it doesn’t to us. While we look at the car rental place across the street from Anne’s place of business with growing impatience, it only reminds us of all the crap we have to buy.

We still have need to buy a backpack, a cooler, a bunch of books, a new camera, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Unless, of course, you buy us some of the stuff, as that would make us very happy, and I’m still offering to write you a limerick if you do.

In other news, Lokesh Dhakar created a very interesting visual guide to espresso drinks. While some of them are not what I would consider to be correct, I think it’s pretty cool, and would be useful as a poster on the wall of specialty coffee shops everywhere. Edited, of course. Plus, it’s pretty. Don’t we all like pretty things?


~ by neoney on August 27, 2007.

2 Responses to “T-minus 18 days”

  1. Do you realize that you are going to be in town almost on my birthday? Thats the best birthday present i could ever ask for!

  2. yay we can celebrate in a conclusion-of-road-trip frenzy!

    i’ll really be staying a few extra days, so you can be properly spoiled with yarn gifts, etc. then.

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