The Amateur Gourmet

My book!
Sunny gets to read first.

On Tuesday, I was given a much-anticipated book written by one of Anne’s
favorite regulars at Joe: The Art of Coffee. While the book doesn’t
have much to do with driving across the country, it does relate to a
journey, so I think it counts. Adam Roberts, author of the successful
blog The Amateur Gourmet and now the (hopefully) successful book The
Amateur Gourmet
, succeeded in his mission: he made me want to cook.

Now, I’m an easy target. I like to cook most of the time, and over the
past couple of years I’ve gotten pretty good at it, but he made me want
to cook more. In fact, I made a roast chicken last night for Anne (and
our friends Dan and Adrienne) to celebrate finishing the book. Let me
tell you, it was good, though Anne had to carve it because I don’t know
how. Adam! Why didn’t you discuss proper chicken carving techniques
in your book! I suppose it would have helped if we had kitchen shears.
Maybe I’ll go out and get some soon. After the trip. And of course I
forgot to take a picture of the food. This is the difference between
Adam Roberts and myself. He doesn’t forget to take pictures of his

But back to The Amateur Gourmet. He uses his personal experience to
make cooking interesting, and less scary. Two years ago, I’d have
looked at the chicken recipe I used last night and gasped. Now I think
it was easy. Adam makes the recipes easier. He isn’t afraid to ask
questions when he doesn’t know, and by creating a narrative, we feel
like we’re learning along with him, which, I suppose, is sort of the
point of The Amateur Gourmet. If he had all the answers, he wouldn’t be
an amateur.

Tonight, I’m thinking about taking the dozens of tomatoes we’ve gotten
from the farm share and using the tomato sauce recipe Adam uses in the
beginning of his book. I figure we have enough to make a good amount of


~ by neoney on August 31, 2007.

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