NYC Road Trip Part II, All-Star Edition

So I said all along I would be back for a second coffee crawl in NYC. And now, it’s back, and more dangerous than ever. In fact, this coffee crawl was complete with a star studded cast, such as Jonathan Rubenstein, my wonderful boss at Joe, who actually choreographed the whole thing for James of Blue Bottle Coffee. Good thing the pros invited some crazy updosing, over-blogging and brakeless bike-riding kids. And that would be me and the world famous and surprisingly talented* Danger Dan Griffin. Between the two of us, we don’t even actually do all three of those things, but there we were! Fresh faced and a little worn out after a night of roast-chicken debauchery. But no matter! The Espresso waits for no man.

Jonathan and Danger Dan at Everyman Espresso
*surprisingly talented at playing Tetris Attack and avoiding dairy, that is

First stop: Everyman Espresso, or as Danger Dan and I like to call it, Every Man, Woman, and Child Espresso. Since I’ve finally convinced Dan that I’m cool, and now that we’re work-neighbors, we’ve been hanging out and talking way, way too much about coffee. It’s the former 2nd location for 9th st espresso (on 13th st!), but a 9th st barista by the name of Edmond took matters into his own hands. Blazing away at the bar was the lovely Ellen, who pulled us some tasty shots of Toscano. I have practically become a regular at this new coffee joint, although it’s only been in business for a week. We have a picture of the outside, and then my camera ran out of batteries in true pro-blogging fashion. It’s ok though, because Neil showed up right then and saved the day with his iphone.

Jamie outside his soon-to-be shop Abracar

So we walked a few blocks down to see the construction of a brand new cafe going in at 7th street and 1st avenue, called abraçar (which means “embrace” in portugese – not “hug”). Jamie, the shop owner, gave us the grand tour that will one day feature a drip bar, a two-group linea, and fried goods! Can’t wait to see that space once it’s open. We then moved from one orange cafe to another, hopping into a couple of cabs and heading up to Cafe Grumpy.

Ed knows how to make sugar syrupKyle pours a latte
Ed makes simple syrup like a pro, and Kyle pours under pressure.

There, we met up with some of new york’s most talented baristi, including self proclaimed “bean counter” Ed, the ever-gracious and banana-sharing Kyle, and a new addition to the Cafe Grumpy team, Megan, who hails from Charlotte, N.C. and is our neighbor in Brooklyn! As always, Grumpy is pushing the envelope of coffee envelopes, and this month is offering a full menu of ethiopian coffees. I also had the pleasure of meeting Caroline, the envelope-pusher herself, which was long overdue. Despite the ethiopian coffee-binging frenzy that ensued, all the staff at Grumpy were gracious throughout.

It was a fun, zany day! It definitely felt like the start of our journey. Alas, still two more weeks of real-work to go. At least it was a good taste of things to come…


~ by Anne on September 1, 2007.

2 Responses to “NYC Road Trip Part II, All-Star Edition”

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