NYC Road Trip Part III, tired edition

Jeez louise, I think if I hang out with Danger Dan Griffin too much more my legs will fall off! So much walking! So much caffinated energy! So much espresso. So many similar interests. So few cows.

So, yet again, we embarked on a coffee journey and visited the brand-spanking new 9th St Espresso in Chelsea Market.

So remember that map I like so much at the original 9th st?

The MapThe Super Map

Well, they took it to the next level in the new 9th St, painting an entire wall with the same map! Sweet!

Moreover, they’re rocking two tricked-out Marzocco FB-80’s, complete with teflon steam wands and LED lighting. They’re in a corner stall, and having kind of a swooping bar that attracts a crowd.

9th St on 9th Ave in ActionLand Lubbers

Fortunately for Dan and I we managed to sneak in a couple of espressos, which Dan insists taste like mushrooms – and I see what he’s saying. We also tried some of the ethiopian south sidamo they had brewing at the time. I think it’s Ethiopia season in NYC for some reason. Our friend and my former co-worker Derek Herbster chatted us up, talked about the customer flow, showed us his awesome old fashioned cash register, and of course, shared some chest hair.

Derek's hair

Thanks Derek!


~ by Anne on September 6, 2007.

One Response to “NYC Road Trip Part III, tired edition”

  1. Anne you and Dan couldn’t get enough of my chest hair and you know it. Glad you dug the spot. Come back when you return from your journey across the great divide.

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