Last gasps before we hit the dirt

I think the coffee-sphere at large should give another shout-out to Peter Meehan, with another great feature about specialty coffee in the New York Times. He also did the piece on “3rd Wave” espresso in NYC last fall. I’m planning on having a class at Joe this fall about coffee and the environment, so this will be a valuable tool!

In other , more as-it-relates to me and Neil news: Our two-week cross country exxxstravaganza starts in approximately 53.5 hours. Holy smokes. We are really embarking on this crazy journey. And we don’t have any cupping spoons! Ack!

Oh, and if anybody could figure out how to turn this all into a full-time job, we’d love to hear it. But for now, this is only a temporary reprieve from the grindstone… We’ll be back in NYC in Early October.


~ by Anne on September 12, 2007.

One Response to “Last gasps before we hit the dirt”

  1. just so you know:

    seems there’s only one small project on 78 that you could miss entirely, but 76 has a few projects that might be annoying.

    See you in 51 or so hours.

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