City of Big Shoulders

When we arrived in Chicago, we were happily surpised to know we had gained an hour. It was 10:30 instead of 11:30. That didn’t make us want to sleep right away though. We spent a short time catching up with our friends and hosts Mel and her fiance Amir. And then we went to bed.

Mel and I spent a summer in England together, studying abroad, so Anne spent the last couple of days confused as we’d reminisce about some wacky european adventure. Good times.

The next morning Anne and I decided to sleep late, and after waking up, we braved the El train (I have a hard time calling a subway an “El”, especially as I used to live on the L train in Brooklyn. It’s all very confusing.) downtown and buy our long-lost powerbook power cord.

After Anne had gotten her fill of fond Apple-employee memories, we walked down the so-called Miracle Mile to the Millennium Park Intelligentsia.
IMG_0187.JPG IMG_0218.JPG
The shop is incredibly well designed, with dueling espresso machines next to two cash registers on a counter that slants towards the door and ends in a huge merch wall. They have a Clover bar in the corner, too. It’s set up for a large number of customers, and they handle them well.

I got a Los Inmortales from El Salvador on the Clover, because I can’t resist a good clover coffee. I love the single origin coffees from Intelligentsia. They take their time cultivating their growers, and it shows.
After Intelligentsia, we went back up to Wrigleyville to pick up Mel and go to Cozy Noodles, a kitschy thai place. Cozy was pretty neat. They had all kinds of wacky stuff on the walls, and had covered their entrance in license plates. The food was tasty, and a highlight of our stay.
Afterwards, we walked over to Intelligentsia on Broadway. The space in here was huge. They had several multifunctional counters that stretched to the back of the store. I had a macchiatto while Anne opted, this time, for the organic melon white tea in a pot. She had never had a white tea before, and was impressed. They had outdoor seating, and because it was a nice day, we thought we’d sit outside and people-watch for a while. It was quite enjoyable.

Later on, we went to Wrigley Field (basically across the street!) to see the Cubs take on the Reds. I’d always wanted to go to Wrigley, and it was really cool. Now I just have to go to Yankee Stadium and Fenway and life will be complete.
Anne, while at the game, had to have a Chicago dog. She didn’t eat the jalepenos, though.
Turns out the Cubs won in the bottom of the 9th, but we left in the 7th so we could make it to The Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Company. The great thing about the Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Company is their pizza. They call it a pizza pot-pie, and make it upside-down, flipping it out of the pot at the table. Anne and I split one, and Mel got her own. We also had a salad, which they served with a very syrupy poppy-seed dressy that we wish we had more of. Anne says it made her really happy, on the inside.

Thanks again Mel, you are a sweet lady and we had a great time in Chicago!



~ by neoney on September 19, 2007.

5 Responses to “City of Big Shoulders”

  1. yay!! Chicago! i’m glad that you had a good and that i could be your was good to see you and meet ann…enjoy the rest of your roadtrip…btw, that picture of me looks crazy! haha…

  2. Veggies! You got to eat Veggies!

  3. hiya, i’m sorry i missed y’all, if ya come back through, tell danger to hook you up w/my digits….

  4. you guys totally drove rite through my hometown….marseilles…that’s so funny..from your pictures, when you were driving on rt 6 you were one block north of my parents’ … you know where i’m from!

  5. actually met a vivace’s barista while at a bar in scruz and she told me about intelligentsia! just arrived a few nights ago and craving beyond belief. thanks for traveling the us so that i don’t have to do much hunting šŸ™‚

    hope the competition went just swell and sending good vibrations your way.

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