Getting to Katie’s House

Tuesday morning we went North, to Metropolis Coffee Company, in an area of Chicago that reminded Anne of Capitol Hill in Seattle, with its outdoor seating and lack of parking. When we pulled up to Metropolis, they were just getting a green order delivered, so the sidewalk was stacked with large coffee bags the baristas were valiantly hand-trucking them in.

Inside it is a large space, with three dining rooms, a large counter, and a roasting space in the back. The baristas seemed really nice, and it would have been nice to spend more time there, but we had a long day of driving ahead of us.

So we left Chicago. After braving the wilds of I-55 for a while, Anne found us a route that went diagonally to Columbia, MO, and took us along the Illinois River Road down through Illinois and Missouri. Very pretty.

We altered our course slightly when we learned we’d be able to drive through Marseilles (Mar-Sails in American), the birthplace of Mel (our host in Chicago). It’s a cute little town, and I don’t think it had even a stoplight, which I enjoyed.

Bob, can we eat at this chinese restaurant in Marseilles?

After we crossed the Mississippi, we called Katie to give her an update. It turns out we were an hour earlier than we thought, because we had forgotten to change the clock in the car. I was feeling pretty bad about being so late, so it was beneficial (by they way, as I write this, we’ve just crossed into the Mountain Time Zone. I changed the clock already.). While I was on the phone with Katie, however, we passed the exit we were supposed to use to go to Columbia because the sign had been taken down by the Missouri authorities, and we ended up taking a really scary road, named “V” through the middle of nowhere. It was the perfect setup to a cheesy horror movie.

But then we made it to Katie’s, and met Sean, Katie’s boyfriend and a dj (call sign Tripmaker) on the local 89.5 KOPN radio station.

Our hosts in Columbia MO. Definitely worth blogging about.

The next day, Katie woke us up earlier than we would have liked and showed us around town, all the while trying to talk us into opening a coffee shop in town. The opportunity was tempting, and it seems as though there is room for growth in the Columbia specialty coffee scene. Afterwards, we went to a restaurant and had some pretty terrific food and then home to rest because, as I said earlier, Katie woke us up early.

Sunset on the Missouri. Pretty, no?

Later, we went to to Flat Branch Pub and Brewing for dinner and a beer, and then to Les Bourgeois Winery outside of town to drink a bottle of wine and watch the sun set over the Missouri River. Then we went back to Katie’s, watched Flight of the Conchords, and went to bed, ready for a trip to Kansas.


~ by neoney on September 22, 2007.

2 Responses to “Getting to Katie’s House”

  1. As to Uncle Wong, well, you _can_ eat anywhere.

    Our rule[1] is that if the name of the Chinese restaurant is the same in English and Chinese, it’s probably not too authentic. (E.g. Shanghai Tower” in both languages.) Here, the Chinese characters are a phonetic transcription of Uncle Wong, i.e. “an ke wang”[2] meaning “peaceful visitor prosperity,” or something like that.

    So, this is outside the rule, sui generis, and until we build up a body of phonetically transcribed names for chop suey joints and jiaozi parlors, we probably can’t generalize. But we could turn it into an M.A. thesis.


    [1] The rule was originally propounded by Anne’s uncle Lo Ch’ing. So there is an “uncle” leitmotif here.

    [2] Chinese “wang” is pronounced like Americans pronounce “wong”.

  2. that’s so rad that you guys drove through my town….it’s cool that you know of where i’m from…it’s a quaint, cute little town that has no stoplights and that you are able to drive through in less than five minutes…hope that you guys thoroughly enjoyed yourselves..hahaha

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