Kansas is Prettier than You

So, harkening back to one of our original statements about this trip, we really don’t know anything about the middle USA. So, after some deep final breaths of air in Columbia, we headed off skeptically to Kansas City, MO.

And wouldn’t you know, we liked it!

First up, we went to the northern side of the town and had a pleasant visit with Anthony at Espresso dell’Anatra. The cafe was elegantly laid out and had a very cozy atmosphere despite its suburban surroundings. After a troublesome coffee day in Columbia, I celebrated the fact that they served Sattwa Chai by getting one with a shot of espresso. Mm… tasty! Neil got a macchiatto and chocolate donut. Also very tasty.

For the record, Anthony showed us photograph evidence that he can squeeze five hearts into this cup, not just four.

After some direction-getting, we headed out on the road again, this time to Arthur Bryant’s for BBQ. Turns out, we like barbeque sandwiches too, and they made some amazing baked beans as well.

So we came, we had coffee, we had some food. And suddenly, five hours or so had passed since we left! We still don’t understand how this happened. Our best working theory is that we were abducted by aliens. Unfortunately, the aliens prevented me from touring PT’s roastery, but Jeff Taylor remained unflinchingly gracious and comped our drinks at his Topeka retail location. And they had a clover. And they had the Panama Esmerelda (the non-auction lot, but neil slurped it down just the same, because it tasted amazing.). I had a cup of the #1CoE from El Salvador, as well as a ridiculous toffee-flavored frozen thing. Let me tell you, that toffee thing made me really, really happy. We left toting some PT’s schwag and traded the last of our intelly coffee for Aida Battille’s Orange Bourbon from El Salvador. We really enjoyed our visit with the crew at PT’s coffee.
IMG_0472.JPG IMG_0450.JPG
IMG_0463.JPG IMG_0474.JPG
left to right: Robert, Frank, and Sarah, baristas extraordinaire

But we were only in Topeka, it was 6pm, and we wanted to make it almost all the way through Kansas that night. So it was time to put me behind the wheel! But we speak from experience when we say that if any of you hated driving through Kansas on previous travels, our trip on I-70 was quite lovely, particularly the sunset. When we finally pulled off the road in Colby, KS at eleven, we were pretty flabbergasted with how satisfactory the day had been. Although it is always possible that Neil & I are always easily amused.
IMG_0485.JPG IMG_0491.JPG

P.S. For posterity’s sake, we want to note that, near the end of the day in Kansas, we noticed that we were going to be passing our 2000th mile on I-70, at mile marker 70. So we slowed to 70 to mark the occasion. I guess we really are easily amused.


~ by Anne on September 24, 2007.

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