Tough Times in Denver

Colorado started well. We woke up in Colby, KS ready to get to Denver, visit Novo, and hopefully make it to Utah by the end of the day, with the intention of camping on the other side of the border.

Well that didn’t happen. When we were about 15 miles outside of town, traffic stopped. It seems that, about an hour and a mile down the road later, there was a three car + motorcycle pileup that closed I-70. So we were forced to take surface streets through suburban Denver to get downtown where Novo resides. Frustration upon frustration later, angered and abused, we fled the city, vowing to never return.

Novo, however, had nothing to do with our frustrations. They were wonderful. Good coffee and good baristas helped make us a tad bit happier. We started at their kiosk in the Denver Art Museum, a small establishment whose main effort seems to be to caffeinate tourists before looking at art. We both were very eager for caffeine ourselves, and gulped down a couple of macchiattos before heading out again, across the way to Novo part two.
Novo Espresso/Macchiatto IMG_0539.JPG

We don’t have photographic evidence of this, but these two locations are literally across the street from each other. It’s like a Starbucks with good coffee.

The other, larger Novo sported a large range of coffees, including a few we had had before at Grumpy. Neil chose to have a Bambito Single Origin Espresso, which was very tasty, and Anne had an iced vanilla latte. The baristas in both places were very knowledgeable, and we left with a good impression of the place.

Novo Iced Vanilla Latte

They also had a clover, and it seems they are the clover’s biggest fan. In fact, their clover bar selection is photographed in the pamphlet.
IMG_0554.JPG Neil Eats a Salad
And then Neil ate a salad, which needed to be documented.

We left Denver, dodging over-sized suv’s until dark, when we decided to stay in a hotel (since we couldn’t make it to a camp-site before dark) in Grand Junction, CO after having a good dinner in town.


~ by Anne on September 24, 2007.

2 Responses to “Tough Times in Denver”

  1. It was really great getting to see the both of you (and Adam) last night. Well worth the drive. Through enough online research I found out that the Mad Dog in the Fog pub (across the street from the ‘hardcore’ place we were at) DOES serve London Pride. Oy!

    I didn’t make it to Oakland until near midnight, but managed to fit the rest of my shite into Consuelo. Minus the random extra bike that I forgot I left there. Jesus I carry too much baggage. Seriously.

    Got in my car this morning to the sweet sweet smell of coffee grounds……

    Don’t forget:

    Weed, California (central exit only) Hi-Lo Cafe is a must

    The Goonies House in Astoria, Oregon. Get directions from like, anyone.


  2. Neil. Salad. Weird.

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