Hello from Seatown

Sorry we’ve been sparse of late… after a whirlwind tour and coffee blackout (we’re pretty sure Neil actually got high after two back-to-back cuppings) in Portland, we’re now in Seattle, dealing with the usual Faste (that’s my mom)-Nylander family mayhem. More soon, once the smoke clears and we attend a wedding.

We haven’t even had any coffee yet.

Oh, but mom did manage to get me some Alasakan Summer Ale before planning her event… Thanks mom!


~ by Anne on September 29, 2007.

3 Responses to “Hello from Seatown”

  1. 🙂

    congrats on making it all the way. the hard part’s over? or is it harder to just think about taking an airplane in a matter of hours over all of what you just drove in a few weeks?

    either way, i’m so glad you’re safe and i hope you had ridiculous times. i wish i could have been with you (in some ways, though i’m glad you got to spend the time together being the cute couple together) 😀

    lots of love from my couch. ❤

  2. it sounds like you two had a wonderful time..glad that i was able to see you along the way!!

  3. Hooray for vegetables! and Zoka!

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