California, Oregon, the Ocean, and much-antlered animals

We decided to take our sweet time getting to Portland because we had to drive so much to get to San Francisco. So we went up the coast. On our way out to Route 1, though, we stopped in Healdsburg to visit The Flying Goat for some coffee.


I had a macchiatto, and Anne had an iced tea. The shop was very large. Cavernous even. Yet it didn’t seem intimidatingly so. They even had a bakery, so Anne had a delicious scone that was so large I had to finish it.
IMG_0967.JPG IMG_0974.JPG

Afterwards, we headed over towards the coast, stopping a few times on the way to try some of the famous California wines. We really liked the wine from Greenwood Ridge Vineyards, who had a really rich Merlot, and a Riesling (which is apparently very rare in Mendocino County), that Anne says is the best Riesling she’s ever had. I tend to agree with her.

Shortly afterwards, we had gone as far west as possible, and found it necessary to turn North towards Portland. After some time, we found that we were quite hungry. However, the California coast isn’t as built up as, say, New Jersey, and we had a lot of trouble finding anything to eat. But after some time, and a harrowing journey through twisting mountainous roads, we emerged back on Route 101 and made our way, after a pit stop at a gas station for some junk food, towards Eureka and our stop for the night.

IMG_0984.JPG IMG_1003.JPG
did you know the ocean is very large?

The next morning, we restarted our drive up the coast only after stopping first at a local co-op to stock up on supplies so that our stomachs wouldn’t get as empty as the day before.

Anne got a really big sandwich.

Also, we saw an Elk! In the road! We were driving on the highway, and I yelled, “It’s a moose!” Anne, naturally, thought I was talking about the newly formed concrete barrier in the road, so I pointed her in the right direction, and she saw it. Of course, it wasn’t a moose, it was an elk, but you can see my mistake. Elks are very large. Like moose. I’m not sure why the elk wanted to be in the road, but we were given an opportunity to snap some pictures.
IMG_1001.JPG IMG_1002.JPG

Somewhere near the Oregon border, we found the Ship Ashore Museum and Gift Shop, which was fabulous. According to a plaque on the wall, it was washed ashore some time ago and turned into a restaurant, then later was towed to it’s current location, about a mile inland. The top floor is dedicated to Oregon, California, and Pirate gifts, while the bottom decks were dedicated to a pirate museum and local wildlife display complete with stuffed animals and stuffed pirates. All in all, an enjoyable tour.
IMG_1031.JPG IMG_1024.JPG

After another short drive, we arrived in Coos Bay, where we were to spend the night. Before turning in, though, we made our way to The Mill. The Mill is the local casino. We’d never used a slot machine before, and wanted to (the change lady, as she was giving us singles, gave us instructions: “put the money in and push the buttons.”) You’d think we’d have left with empty pockets, but no! We won! $13!
IMG_1069.JPG IMG_1070.JPG

After squandering our loot on firewood, we set up camp at Sunset Bay State Park, within listening distance of the sea lion caves and went to bed.


~ by neoney on October 2, 2007.

4 Responses to “California, Oregon, the Ocean, and much-antlered animals”

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  2. Great blog! Thanks!

    I am planning on a nationwide trip in the spring and was looking for some good coffee shops along the way. If you find yourself in Tallahassee, FL, I opened up a pretty great coffee shop. (if I do say so myself) I look forward to following along with the rest of your journey.

  3. Hey thanks!

    I actually went to Florida State, though I didn’t drink coffee in college, and didn’t at that time know about the dearth of good coffee in the city.

    Glad to hear there’s a decent shop there now.

    We’ll be in Tallahassee in March for a wedding, so we’ll visit you then!

  4. Aww, I miss the West Coast and the Pacific Ocean.

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