San Francisco.

After 13 hours in the car the day before, we locked the car away in a nearby garage, to give it and us some much needed time apart. We didn’t really do much in the city, and used our time there to get in some rest, some laundry, and of course, some coffee.

First stop was Blue Bottle Coffee, which we were told was a short walk away… Why do those short walks always seem so long when you’re from out of town? We took in all the sights in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district, then found our way over past City Hall. Finally we arrived at Blue Bottle, only to run in to our friend from New York, Ian, who apparently now lives in San Fran. Surprise! Good coffee brings people together. It was even better because he let us abuse his purchases for tastings and photographs:

Amazing iced coffee and his friend Sarah’s soy latte.

Neil & I had a pair of macchiattos:


So after that surprise visit, Neil & I were late getting back to our laundry. We hurried back, and then decided to spend the afternoon recuperating, rather than blogging all day at Ritual*. But fear not – it’s not like we didn’t go there! We met our host and pro-Googler Adam at their mission district cafe. Neil had a macchiatto, I had a latte, we bought some beans, and all was well. Eventually my friend Matilda who drove all the way up from Santa Cruz joined us as well (that’s friendship).

The Ritual setup.

We went out to ethiopian food, a food Neil was adventurous to try for the first time, and then we headed to Toronado, a beer bar that has. beer. lots and lots of beer. I of course, didn’t want any beer, so I had an amazing pomegranate cider that was not too sweet and not too heavy. Neil had a 3-pour stout called “Old Rasputin” because, as many of you know, he has a cat named Rasputin. And so we drank, Maddy told us about Consuela, her door-to-door tamale saleslady, and soon enough, we were tired enough to call it a day.

The next morning, after a lovely final breakfast with Adam at his local eggs-n-coffee spot, Golden Coffee ($16 for the entire party of three!), we went back to Blue Bottle one more time so I could once again put that iced coffee to my lips. New Orleans style is what they call it, and it tastes like heaven. Fortunately they also have handy-dandy cards that explain how to make it at home!

Then we were on the road again, heading up, up and away.

*Also, Adam had conviniently purchased a six pack of Alaskan summer Ale just for me? That influenced our decision to leave the house perhaps more than it should have, and Neil enjoyed the beer sampler he got simply from Adam’s fridge:

Thanks Adam!


~ by Anne on October 2, 2007.

6 Responses to “San Francisco.”

  1. Looks like some great coffee!!!

  2. I love visting San Fran and I have been to that beer bar!

    Sounds like you are having the time of your lives!

  3. That beer bar was great. I wish we were able to spend more time in SF so I could sample more of what they have to offer.

  4. I lOVE you both! So good to see you……must make a trip out to NY sometime this year.

    FYI….her name was Conseulo (easy mistake though, so you’re off the hook).


  5. We were glad to see you, too, Maddy. Somehow, though, we made it thrugh the entire visit without snapping a single picture of you, so you didn’t get your lovely visage on this page.

    Next time, though.

  6. […] been told about at this store. Given our past history of missing the line everywhere we go (see San Francisco), I wasn’t too surprised when we managed to get our drinks in 5 minutes, though the line was […]

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