Illy Container Kiosk

Did anyone else notice the odd location of the toilet?

This was also on jimseven, though I saw it originally on Apartment Therapy. What James didn’t mention, though, is that the Illy is bringing it’s crate to New York from November 28th to December 29th!

I’ve been a fan of container buildings for a long time, and the designer that built the above coffeeshop, Adam Kalkin (flash site), is a big reason why. Shipping containers are piling up in this country due to our overwhelming trade deficit, and now you can buy them really cheaply. They are strong, can be stacked high, and make for interesting architecture (it turns out, though, that they are highly toxic, and therefore perhaps not a great idea for a bedroom). Adam Kalkin has taken to them as well, and has created some really interesting buildings from shipping containers. My favorite is below.


~ by neoney on October 11, 2007.

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