NYC Field Trip – Abraço

So Neil & I headed to New Yorkest Newest Great Coffeeshop. Back when James from Bluebottle was in town, we headed to visit his friend’s build-out, and now a few months later, it us up and running! It’s a cute little hole-in the wall at the corner of 1st Avenue and 7th street, and the coffee packs a punch. I had a gibraltar made with fresh, home-made almond milk. And dang was it tasty. Neil played it safe with a regular-milk macchiato, but I kind of think he was jealous.
So New Yorkers, you know what it’s time to do… Go check it out! Thanks for adding one more little place for great coffee, Jamie!


~ by Anne on November 3, 2007.

5 Responses to “NYC Field Trip – Abraço”

  1. Holy cow, look at how beautiful that place is! I smell Saturday-afternoon field trip!

  2. I know! I love this place. You should have a sandwich, too. I’m thinking of writing another post just for the food.

  3. […] know we’ve talked about Abraço a couple of times before, but this time I wanted to mention the food, which is, um, really good. […]

  4. Thoroughly enjoyed the article. I’m a kiwi relatively new to NYC. Am starting to visit a few of the NYC cafes as well as developing my knowledge/skills at home. Just bought a Silvia and Mazz. mini. Fun times.

  5. We need a mazzer to go with our new espresso machine. Though we need portafilters first.

    Welcome to New York! Make sure you don’t miss the new gimme, and there’s a new shop opening imminently in Williamsburg which promises to be amazing.

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