Coffee Fest – Day One

I’m back from a fruitful day at Coffee Fest Seattle. It was more enjoyable than I expected, and I plan on enjoying the day more later this evening as the party at Zoka gets underway. For now I have to unpack all my schwag from the day. Hooray for samples. I really don’t have very much to report for now, other than I drank a lot of coffee today which always makes me happy. Oh, can someone please buy me a clover? K thanks. The most thrilling event I witnessed was Jon Lewis’ technical pause at the competition… his grinder wasn’t working properly. What?! That’s not the most thrilling thing you’ve heard all day?

That’s what I thought.


~ by Anne on November 9, 2007.

2 Responses to “Coffee Fest – Day One”

  1. Congrats on your floor washing internship! Can I ask a question on this post about the french press post? How about a question about asking questions? Anyway! I got one a few weeks ago and I can make some pretty good coffee…but I never feel like using it because I can’t clean it! I end up with coffee grounds in the sink or water in the trash can or things stuck in the filter. So then the press isn’t as clean as I’d like it and there’s bits of coffee all over the kitchen. Thoughts?

  2. Thanks Nicole!

    In response to your french press issue, I, too, don’t like having water in my trash or coffee in my sink. What I tend to do is, after finishing the coffee, I refill it with water, put the top back on, swirl it about, and pour the water out, with the filter still on. That way, the grounds have been loosened a bit from the sides, and you can pour them into the trash (without much water). After, you can wash the press. There’ll still be a few grounds in the sink and a little water in the trash, but it won’t be as bad.

    Coffee grounds are also compostable, so if you have a compost pile or a worm bin, you can throw the whole thing in there.

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