So we’re getting back around town this week in New York. First, I went and saw the new space Gimme! is opening in SoHo, my old stomping grounds (I worked in retail there in a past life). Very cute, very soho, very gimme. Both of which may be not considered “cute”. Maybe “minimal” is better. Anyway, I am very excited for the opening.

Second, Neil & I tried to be adventurous on Sunday at the New Amsterdam Market. A year round indoor market, a la Pike Place, with great local purveyors of sustainable produce. Too good to be true? Well, in its first incarnation, outdoors in the cold wet ice and snow, without much local product to consume. We had some pig sandwich from Del Posto and I whined, so then we ran away.

And when life gives you a rainy day at the South Street Seaport, you make a little pilgrimage for coffee. And suddenly, there we were at Jack’s Stir Brew, seaport location (it’s at 222 Front St., in case you end up lost under the Brooklyn Bridge sometime).

Moreover, we traipsed up to Everyman later on Sunday, I worked and celebrated at the Joe holiday party, and yesterday we found ourselves at grumpy in chelsea (and bumped into liz, who seemed like she was doing alright with the caffeine). So we’re making the rounds, gentle readers. And I still haven’t eaten at Abraco, I see my future laid out ahead of me.


~ by Anne on December 19, 2007.

3 Responses to “Rounds”

  1. It’s actually considered Nolita, but close enough. It IS minimal but you saw us after we only had the keys for 10 days. Anyway, nice to finally meet you and I’m glad you stopped by…

    I went to Abraco today. Very nice.

    Come to our New Years Eve party!!

  2. I mean minimal square footage wise, not coffee and soul wise!

    Sadly our New Year’s eve is all booked up. Maybe next year…

  3. oh. THAT kind of minimal. Indeed it is…

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