Lots of Coffee

Oh the things we’re excited about are many, and in this case, they are all related to the large number of coffee shops opening soon. I will list them numerically, and in no particular order:

1. Cafe El Beit. I will, in the future, probably end up referring to this cafe as The elBeit, knowing full well that I am being redundant. I can’t help it. El Beit is going to be really cool. It isn’t open yet and it’s already really cool. The shop officially opens on Monday, February 4th, but training begins today, and there’s a good possibility of decent espresso to passersby. It’s not done yet, but Dan Griffin has been spending every waking hour there, checking things off his substantial to-do list. I have every confidence he’ll be at least close-enough for Monday. Here’s pictures:

Anne and Dan playing coffee shop The really pretty espresso machine and grinders
left: Dan and Anne play coffee shop. right: really pretty coffee making equipment

Did I mention they have a Clover?

2. Speaking of Clover, Gimme Coffee, the other reigning coolest shop in Brooklyn, is opening in Manhattan, last I heard, as I type. They, too have a Clover. They, too, will be very cool. I may even find myself finding reasons to be in Soho, even though I usually try to find reasons to avoid it. Unfortunately, despite having been there three times in the past, I have yet to have a good picture of the place. Here, though, is a recycled picture from the New Year’s Party, which isn’t very good:


3. In other coffee shop news, there will soon be another Joe: The Art of Coffee in Manhattan. The fourth Joe will be opening at the London Terrace, 405 W. 23rd St. Joe is opening in March, and while I haven’t been there before, I already know it’s going to be good, though it’s smaller than Joe 13th St., I think it’ll be cozy, and, probably, very busy. London Terrace is the world’s largest apartment building, spanning the entire space between 9th and 10th Ave on 23rd and 24th St. Joe will be taking the space originally occupied by The London Terrace Flower Shop, whose owners retired after 80 years of business.

4. Speaking of very busy, I have just been given word that Joe is, indeed, opening a FIFTH shop! Also slated to open in March, the fifth Joe will be located inside Grand Central Terminal. Grand Central, as many know, is the largest train station in the world, and Joe will be opening a kiosk in, I believe, the Grand Central Market, which will make many commuters very happy, I’m sure.


~ by neoney on January 31, 2008.

6 Responses to “Lots of Coffee”

  1. holy crap. NYC coffee is changing so quickly! Go NY!

  2. I know, right? And then who knows what’s coming next? And it’s gonna be a real fight for “Best New Coffee Shop” this year since Abraco’s in the mix, too.

  3. Wow. Not only is it changing but it’s gradually creeping northward in Manhattan. About time I say. And I just read about a possible Stumptown opening up in the proposed new Ace hotel on 29th and Broadway!

    By the way, where’s Cafe El Beit going to be-at?

  4. Last I heard, the Stumptown rumor was going to stay a rumor. It’s just too difficult to open a roastery here. But here’s hoping!

    Cafe El Beit is on Bedford Ave in Williamsburg. Between N. 8th and N. 9th. I just talked to one of them, and it’s slammin’

  5. Wow! Next time I stay with you guys in Brooklyn, I’ll be expecting morning cappuccinos every day made by my favorite barista, Anne.

  6. I just wrote about El Beit today. Found your article on google.

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