Cleaning the Linea

Our first goal in the rehab of our new espresso machine was cleaning it. After 2+ years of use, a thick spray of espresso dust had settled on every horizontal surface. So on Sunday, Anne and I set to work cleaning and dusting it to a high gloss.

I took on all the removable parts and made myself a baking soda paste to scrub it clean. The paste is gentle enough that it won’t scratch the surface of the stainless while still being very effective. I threw everything in the bathtub and scrubbed until every stain had disappeared.


Anne took on the interior with some of the paste and a lot of elbow grease (amazing how elbow grease doesn’t actually make things greasy.) But she did an amazing job, and it looks brand new in there.


One thing: There’s still water in the boiler? We’ve emptied it using the drain on the front, but I guess it didn’t get everything out. So we took out a couple of the valves on top, and are hoping that all the water will evaporate away. Will this work?


IMG_2254.JPG IMG_2278.JPG


IMG_2284.JPG IMG_2273.JPG

All that’s left now is the hard stuff: replace the steam wands, one group head, a couple valves and gaskets, and maybe a couple other things.

Tomorrow, though, we leave for Washington D.C! Coffee Fest! We will of course, update as we get a chance.


~ by neoney on February 13, 2008.

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