Coffee Fest Day 1

How much fun was Coffee Fest? So fun our camera died half-way through!

We left Thursday afternoon from Joe: The Art of Coffee with Rickie (fab Waverly barista) and Gabrielle (co-Joe-Owner) and headed the long way around Philly down towards Washington. The highlight of my trip? I was able to stop at Chik-fil-a, which is my all-time favorite fast-food joint, and one that is sorely lacking in New York:


After sleeping heavily at our hotel, Anne and I woke early to check out the latte art competition, which Anne was competing in the next morning. After watching a little while, and getting coffee from David Latourell of Clover, we went to a couple of classes hosted by Bellissimo, and then, after, the Barista Competition got started.

Nick Cho wore a really amazing tie, and here is an extremely un-flattering picture to prove it:
Nick, I’m sorry we don’t have a more flattering picture, but you move around too much to get a good one!

Belle Battista of Aldo (who we met our first day of the roadtrip last summer) was up first, and her presentation centered on Spain, and she made a really delicious sounding drink with espresso, olive oil, salt, and breadsticks which I’d like to try some time.


After Belle finished, we went and ran around the floor of the show for a little while, hitting all the hotspots including Intelligentsia, Counter Culture, and Anne’s personal favorite: the Island Smoothie booth, where she spent much of her time at Coffee Fest Seattle last year.

The big surprise, however, was seeing the PT’s Coffee crew, who took such good care of us on our trip when we were in Kansas (It turns out that Robin stayed late to give us the royal treatment). We ended up spending quite a bit of time with them.

After exhausting ourselves on the trade floor, we settled back in for a while in front of the barista competition to watch John Casamassa (also an Aldo person) make his drinks. John had been training with Belle, and even though it was his first competition, he did really well and had an engaging performance (and he makes a damned-fine espresso to boot). His signature was layered: honey, espresso, and almond foam on top. We unfortunately missed Sonja go because we packed it up after John went and headed back to the hotel to rest before going to Arlington for the Murky party.



~ by neoney on February 19, 2008.

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