NYCS Cupping this Thursday!


This Thursday, February 21st at 7pm, we’ll be at the new Gimme! location at 228 Mott Street, offering up a bunch of the coffees we tried while at Coffee Fest. We managed to collect coffees from both El Salvador and Rwanda, and want to compare the differences both within each country and among the top roasters around – and it’s sure to be delicious!

So let us know if you can come, it’ll be a blast!


Gimme! Coffee
228 Mott Street between Prince and Spring
February 21st at 7 pm.



~ by neoney on February 19, 2008.

7 Responses to “NYCS Cupping this Thursday!”

  1. Sweet!

  2. Golly…You walked with some serious Coffeefest booty.

    Perfect timing for your Mott St visit since we’ll have just installed a 14′ standing bar on the wall. The place ought to be looking finished starting on that day.

    Enjoy that coffee.

  3. Unless i’m mistaken, that standing bar will actually be installed AFTER the cupping, or during, depending on when it arrives…

  4. So does that mean all our coffee will have notes of sawdust?

  5. I managed to collect a lot of the same coffees as you guys, and have brought them back to London.

    I’m about to go taste a bunch of them with at Square Mile, so looking forward to comparing notes.

  6. No sawdust. Maybe some brick dust though.

  7. Just installed the Epiphany web browser, and this looked like a likely spot to try it out.

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