Coffee Fest Day 3

After we left the tradeshow on Saturday, we went out to the Counter Culture DC Training Center (or, as Anne Boatner called it in her presentation, the CCCDCTC) for their barista competition party. It was packed, so we stayed just long enough to say hi to people and watch the planned impromptu macchiatto art throwdown (which, I hear, was won by Amber at Intelligenstia). After we left, we went back to the hotel and passed out.

Our camera died at the party, so any pictures that may have been taken didn’t come out very well. Canada (Amber Fox) took some pictures for us the next day, so we may have some eventually.

the next morning we had an espresso machine maintenance class, which we hoped would give us some insight into our current project. And while it may have been geared more towards daily maintenance, it definitely helped, giving us an opportunity to look inside the machine and know what everything is. So overall a worthy enterprise.

We were hoping to be able to make it out of the class before the MARBC finals started, but unfortunately we missed John Casamassa’s presentation. We managed, though, to catch the rest. And everyone, John included, I here, performed admirably.

The folks at PT’s were nice enough to let us store our stuff at their booth so we didn’t have to carry everything. We had, at this point, amassed quite a large amount of things, so it was getting heavy. So thanks again PT’s!

We spent a little time running around all the booths and collecting a few things we couldn’t the day before. We also hooked up with Canada again, who needed a ride back to New York that we were happy to offer.

The rest of the day was dedicated to the barista competition. Everyone did spectacularly, I thought. For complete coverage (with pictures), go to M’lissa’s Tamp This, who live-blogged the whole thing and did a much better job than I can here.

After the competition was over, we hightailed it back to New York. Exhausted, over-caffeinated, and ready to go home, we immediately went to El Beit to give Dan the chocolate and met Liz Clayton and entourage for dinner (from which Liz graciously drove us home).

Congratulations to Belle for winning the barista competition, Ben for winning the latte art competition, and everyone who competed this weekend! It was lots of fun.


~ by neoney on February 22, 2008.

2 Responses to “Coffee Fest Day 3”

  1. Goodness. Did your camera _die_ die? Or just have the battery go kaput?

  2. It just lost its juice, it’s back in action already.

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