Florida Again


Neil once again took me to Florida over the weekend. He’s trying very hard to convince me that I’ll really like Florida if I give it some time. To get the ball rolling on this Florida trip, Delta decided to cancel our flight. Great start, right? Well, Neil managed to finagle a substitute flight to Atlanta for our first night, which was a bonus because we got to wake up and go to Octane, home of our favorite Atlanta Barista blogger, M’lissa Muckerman.

Sadly, she wasn’t there that morning, but her co-workers handled us kindly and with just the kind of gentle encouragement one needs before coffee. The space was great, and in addition to our regular macchiatos, I also tried their home made caramel sauce, which was delicious, perhaps based on the not-so-secret ingredient:

Caramel Sauce
cooking the caramel

The space is beautiful too, and we’re so glad we had a chance to see it, because we weren’t expecting to be in Atlanta anytime soon!

IMG_2589.JPG Octane Interior
Octane French Press Menu Octane Macchiatto

The rest of our trip was filled with horrid coffee, but we did manage some mini golf, looking at palm trees, and drinking from the fountain of youth. The real reason for our trip was to attend the wedding of Mary & Jonathan billings – so congrats to the lovely couple.

Hurricane Categories Neil Ponders
Mini Golf!

Now we’re back in New York, and I’m back at El Beit after a much needed between jobs vacation.


~ by Anne on March 13, 2008.

6 Responses to “Florida Again”

  1. Were you in Tallahassee? What coffee shops did you try? There are not very good ones in town, but the Coffee Pub is great. (I had a bit to do with opening it; its still quite young)

  2. We were in Tallahassee, and we tried to get to The Coffee Pub, but it’s closed on Sundays, so we had to miss it, unfortunately.

  3. Drats! I never tried the caramel when I was there. Now I’ll have to find a reason to go back.

  4. You should have gone to Cafe Intermezzo while you were there! I can’t vouch for their coffee… it has so much liquor in it that i’m not sure it matters how good it is. but the desserts… to die for. or to drive for. because thats what i used to do, drive from Savannah to Atlanta with David Howe just to go and get dessert from there.

  5. I have lived in Tallahassee since 1994, and love more and more.

  6. The Coffee Pub is by far the best in Tallahassee. We are inundated with Starbucks here in the Capital. The Coffee Pub is associated with a local church group, which is why it is closed on Sundays.

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