NYCS Event: Come Taste Milk

got milk?

It’s time for a new coffee society event, isn’t it? Thanks to everyone who came to last month’s cupping, but this month I’ve suggested we do something a bit different.

The joke in the coffee business is that we’re not in the coffee business so much as the milk business. With all the lattes and cappuccinos and mochas and whatnot, it sometimes makes me wonder how much the milk really changes the flavor of the coffee.

So next Monday, March 17th at 6pm I’ll bring samples from some great local dairies and we’ll taste them side by side to see what gives. Don’t worry – there will be coffee too! We’ll taste cold milk, steamed milk, and steamed milk with espresso.

Mike White has once again welcomed us at the new Gimme! location – 228 Mott Street. Since I’ll be buying all the milk for this event, I’d like to ask for $5 to cover the cost of the tasting.

NYCS is a club for professional coffee people, and professional amateurs, and amateur professionals, and anyone who just loves coffee. It’s totally non-commercial, and its sole purpose is to learn about coffee, enjoy coffee, and have fun.

Just bring yourself, or yourself and some friends. RSVP to Anne and Daniel at:


~ by Anne on March 13, 2008.

2 Responses to “NYCS Event: Come Taste Milk”

  1. It’d be awesome to see results by brand. Will you slurp and spit like traditional cupping? And rate sweetness, clarity, dimension and mouthfeel? Or use the 100 point scale?

    The thought of tasting milk that scores less than 80 makes my stomach churn.

    I guess Mr. White will opt out for dietary reasons.

  2. Well, I for one will be spitting. The thought of actually drinking all that milk makes my stomach churn regardless of the score.

    I haven’t thought about scoring yet. I suppose I should come up with something useful. Though we may just keep it casual, like we do with our cuppings in general.

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