Trip out of the house turns to coffee crawl, typical

So the real reason I left the house yesterday was to do some restaurant supply shopping and to visit the new Joe on its opening day. But, as usual, I manage to sneak in a few more coffee shops in my travel itinerary.

First stop, the conveniently located 9th Street Espresso at Chelsea Market, right next to Bowery Restaurant supply. Lucky me, my friends Ryan and Emily were working, and despite my appearance in the midst of an afternoon rush, they snuck an espresso right in front of me. And the best part of all? I happened to show up on the day they started carrying Hairbender espresso from Stumptown. Call me a kid in a candy store! I am totally stoked I can go find a shot of Hairbender in the city now if I need to. Ooh – update, they switched entirely to Stumptown, meaning you can get great coffees to drink at home too! Variety is New York’s friend.

Costa Rican from the Siphon bar

Then I headed up to London Terrace to check out Joe. It was quite a transformation since I last saw the space, and I was happy to try a costa rican coffee from the pour-over siphon bar. It was quite fun to see the space, and I also lucked out running into Barth from Barrington Coffee, who is always a pleasure. I met up with Neil, who had some spro, and we both checked out some of our favorite Joe pastries that we haven’t had in a while.

Joe from the back

Finally, since we were in the neighborhood, we decided to go taste the new espresso at Cafe Grumpy. Ed had been telling me about some updates they made to his blend, and we were happy to try it. It was a smooth, sweet and clean coffee! Delicious! So, moral of the story, hooray for coffee, hooray for surprises, and hooray for the people that live in Chelsea. I’m jealous.


~ by Anne on March 25, 2008.

One Response to “Trip out of the house turns to coffee crawl, typical”

  1. Anne,

    This is Anthony from Espresso dell’Anatra in KC. We have now switched to using ONLY Satwa chai in our shops. So far I am up to seven hearts on one latte.

    I have a customer coming to NY within a month and gave her your shop as one of the places to stop.

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