Visiting the Farm


On our way back from Ithaca, Neil and I made plans to visit the Evans Farmhouse Creamery, which was a favorite of ours in our recent milk tasting. Dave and Sue welcomed us and were happy to show us around the farm and around their on-site processing plant.

Anne, Njall and Sue

We had an unexpexted guest with us because Mike White had run out of seats in the other Brooklyn-bound car. Njall, icelandic barista champion and all around nice guy (though he doesn’t like to be called “iceland” as much as amber likes to be called “canada”), was also happy to visit a small dairy farm. And low and behold, they process icelandic yogurt! What a coincidence. So, obviously, yogurt was consumed. We were also handed a hunk of butter, presumably to eat. Of course, everything was delicious.

Yogurt and butter.

Touring the processing plant was a lot like touring a roastery: a lot of cool looking machines doing lord knows what. Fortunately, we had a native guide, Dave Evans himself. We talked about their pastuerization process, and also how they make yogurt, butter, and cheese. We talked a little bit about government regulation of dairy, and how they can’t sell raw milk on the farm anymore, even though they want to and people want to buy it.


And most importantly, we got to pet a cow. It has been a long time coming, and a goal of three road-tripping friends in the past year, and now, it has been fulfilled. I actually pet a lot of cows. They were all very sweet, and some of them licked me!

In this photograph, it appears that I am happy. I am, actually, extremely happy.

Also, Neil pet a pig.

A big thank you to the Evanses for showing us around, we learned a lot and hope we can keep in touch! Moo!


~ by Anne on April 16, 2008.

6 Responses to “Visiting the Farm”

  1. “Neil pet a pig.”

    Looks more like Neil is trying his hand at faith healing 😉

  2. Well I had a cold and got the whole “faith healing” thing backwards. Worked though, the cold is gone. Mybe the pig got it.

  3. That cow looks awful happy, too.

  4. Anne, looking at you and the cow, it’s easy to see that you have dairy farmer in your genes. Such rapport!

  5. It’s true, Phil, happy cows don’t just come from California.

  6. this seriously looks like my dream. i want hunks of butter. i’m only vegan if i don’t know where it comes from.

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