Midnight cupping announcement!

Dear New York coffee drinking world,

Some people have asked me to have a cupping. I told them I would. Since you may want to come, I will invite you also. Please bring your friends. Maybe bring some coffee too if you have some! Let’s cup some cups of coffee!!

I will be this friday, April 18th at 6pm at an exciting new location – Cafe El Beit in brooklyn. 158 Bedford Ave at N. 8th, off the Bedford Ave L stop.

Sorry for the very short notice – I’m sure Daniel or I will do another cupping sooner rather than later.

If you have not been to a cupping before and want to learn how, please come a bit early so I can show you. It is very easy and fun.

As always, please rsvp if you think you can come, so I can attempt to know how much water to boil (newyorkcoffeesociety at gmail .com).

The New York Coffee Society is a totally non-commercial way to learn more about all kinds of great coffees. If you’ve never had a sip in your life or if you rely on coffee rather than oxygen like me, NYCS events are a fun way to try coffees and meet other coffee enthusiasts. It sounds fun because it is fun.


~ by Anne on April 17, 2008.

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