Brooklyn coffee bloggers, you got pwn3d


Um, hello Gorilla Coffee. You are 4 blocks from our house. 

Yes, it’s true, it took us nearly 2 years and a lot of travelling to figure it out, but we live just down the street from Gorilla coffee! Who knew? Certainly not us. So today Neil & I moseyed over there to try the iced coffee and check it out. Neil, who loooves maple syrup, got a maple syrup latte made from real syrup. It was delicious, I would know since I coopted it. 

IMG_3192.JPG IMG_3189.JPG

We went on Sunday afternoon, and they were slammed. It’s great to see Carol and Darleen’s business booming, because they are the sweetest friggin ladies around. And now when I want a latte on random days I’m not working, I know where to go! I’m still embarrassed that it took Njalli from Iceland to tell us where it was. 

Meanwhile, in other events this week, I went to two cuppings, one at the brand spankin’ new Root Hill Cafe which is a little farther away, but still in my neighborhood. Katie Carguilo dragged me out of bed and forced me to slurp the new Kenyan Peaberry from Counter Culture, and man I hate that kind of torture. 

IMG_3169.JPG IMG_3164.JPG
Root Hill Cafe

IMG_3166.JPG IMG_3168.JPG
Katie’s cupping cups, and more Root Hill

At the cupping, I met Mattia, a barista from Croatia, who eagerly wanted to learn all things coffee. Conveniently, my date with Erin McCarthy from Gimme! Ithaca fell through, so I was able to take him and his lovely (and very patient, non-coffee) lady Mara to Williamsburg. We visited Alex at the Williamsburg Gimme! and then went over to El Beit for some of my (I developed the recipe) delicious iced coffee. 

IMG_3172.JPG IMG_3174.JPG
left: Alex makes Anne and Mattia their coffees, right, Anne and Mattia pose outside of Gimme

We parted ways for a much needed lunch break for a bit (I met Danger Dan’s world famous kitten… too bad you can’t stay mad at a cat that size). At six o’clock, I held a somewhat impromptu NYCS event, a cupping of a few different coffees, including that Kenyan again, as well as some gimme coffee and some Barrington coffee. Fun was had by all, and the merriment continued at Spuyten Duyvil down the road. 

This promises to be an interesting summer! Now, we’re getting ready to head to Seattle this weekend, and then it’s off to Minneapolis!  

also, Mattia gave Daniel Humphries some coffee brandy, whose bottle was significantly more empty at the end of the night.


~ by Anne on April 21, 2008.

3 Responses to “Brooklyn coffee bloggers, you got pwn3d”

  1. Baloney!!!

    There was only a little bit missing!

  2. Also, I stole your pickchur.

  3. You’re going to Minnie?? Smell ya there, holmes!

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