Brooklyn Uncorked!

What makes a wine and beer tasting better than a coffee cupping? (ed. – Anne may not agree with the following statement.) If you swallow too much coffee, you get over-caffeinated, which isn’t a wonderful feeling. If you swallow too much beer and wine, you get drunk. That’s a much better experience.

Anne and I were able to test this theory on Wednesday night as we were invited to Brookyln Uncorked by Cerise Mayo, Edible Brooklyn contributor and Event Director. We met Cerise the other day at Daniel Humphrey’s Ethiopian cupping, which was sponsored by, coincidentally, Edible Brooklyn. When Cerise offered to add us to the guest list, we jumped at the chance.

Brooklyn Uncorked is a showcase for NYC/Long Island wineries, breweries and local specialty foods purveyors spread across two floors at BAM. So much is interesting to me that I want to separate them into multiple sectons:



You may know that I love good beer. In attendance here were some of my favorite breweries: Southhampton, Kelso, Heartland Brewery (warning: annoying website), Brooklyn Brewery, and my two favorites of all time, Blue Point Brewing Co. and Sixpoint Craft Ales. In fact, as you can see above, they were right next to each other, so I spent much of my time standing between them, tasting among the combined 7 different beers they were sampling. (One thing I learned about beer guys, they don’t do tastings the same way wineries do. A taste of a beer is a full glass, whereas a winery is just enough for a swish and spit. Yay beer!)



The second level was dedicated almost entirely to wineries. Unlike downstairs, which had a more casual atmosphere, it seemed that the second level was much more focused. Perhaps wine people are more serious about their wines than beer and food people, but we were able to find some stand-outs, for us, at least. Among our favorites were Channing Daughters Winery and Osprey’s Dominion (whose winemaker we met downstairs sampling bar-b-cue). I’m sure we would have liked all of them, but there were far too many to try them all and still be standing.

Food and Cheese

Stinky Cheese Purveyors

Oh the food. The previously mentioned bar-b-cue (The Smoke Joint) was outstanding, as were the mole plantains offered by Bonita and the Flatbush Farm’s speck(?) and parmesan on toast.

Cheese was being offered by the New York State Cheese Maker’s Guild and by Stinky Brooklyn. Both offered some great cheeses, but I think my personal favorite was Crane Mountain Chevre.

Whew. That was a whole lot of stuff. Needless to say, we had a lot of fun and were just a little bit inebriated by the end of it. But thanks to Cerise, and Edible Brooklyn for putting this on. It was great, and reminded us that we need to stop putting it off and go out to the wineries on Long Island to see what’s out there. If anyone wants to drive, let us know!

Anne and Osprey Dominion Winery


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