New York Coffee Society Cupping Report

sample #5

Yeah, so we had a cupping last Thursday and haven’t yet written about it. We’re busy, okay? Lots of things happening really quickly and such. Anyway, here’s the report from the lot/micro-lot cupping at Southside Coffee:

What was most exciting about last week’s cupping was the new people. We had, I believe, 19 people show up at Southside, and at least half of them had never cupped before, and all were excited to do it, which makes us really happy.

IMG_3574.JPG Anne and Jane look at coffee

We were also excited by the coffees, of course. We had 5 offerings from 3 different roasters.

Counter Culture Coffee provided some of their La Golondrina from Colombia, both their microlot and their ‘superlot’. The major cupping notes from these coffees are, according to the website, caramel and chocolate and dark fruit. We found the microlot to be a bit lighter and brighter, with more fruit that caramel. Both coffees are from Counter Culture’s newly minted Direct Trade Certification program.

Ecco Caffe provided 2 Brazilian coffees from Fazenda Cahoeira. The first was the “taste of the harvest” (not on the website), the second being the Screen Dried Yellow Bourbon (does screen-drying make it a natural?). Both were roasted for espresso, and so had a bit of a roasty taste, but the second one was a bit fruitier and more nuanced. I’d love to try shots of both.

The fifth coffee we tried was the El Machete from Panama. We had hoped to try the Finca Matalapa lot/micro-lot from El Salvador, but they ran out of it before we could grab some. I guess that’s what you get when someone uses it to win the US Barista Championship. But the El Machete’s official cupping notes include berry and maple, with a caramel finish. I understand this well. In cupping it, I found lots of fruit, and it really sweetened as it cooled. Like Counter Culture, El Machete is Direct Trade Certified.



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