Grumpy 2.0

I dropped by Cafe Grumpy in Chelsea yesterday to see the results of their week-long renovation where they refinished the floors, installed a new espresso machine, and put in a new counter (designed, Caroline says, by a regular at the Greenpoint location. I don’t have the details on this though, so perhaps Caroline can fill us in?).

The place feels airy, and larger

Ed, Colleen, and Shaak showed me around some, and Ed made me the greatest iced coffee I’ve ever had (previously consumed in Greenpoint, where I had the exact same coffee, just in a different borough) on the Clover. The coffee, if you’d like to know, is Ritual’s Finca La Esperanza from La Lajita, Huila, Colombia. It’s light refreshing, and has almost no chocolate taste to it whatsoever, which I would normally miss in an iced coffee, but is absolutely right in this one.

The Clover station

While I sipped the iced coffee, I looked around the shop. They’ve installed three beautiful wood counters to act as stations. The closest to the rear is the register station which also has pastries and swag for purchase. The second, middle station had the bulk grinders and the clovers, and the third counter is for the espresso machine. They also removed all the rear counters and pulled the new ones closer to the wall, giving a lot more space for customer traffic. Having all of those tall machines on the one counter seems to create a bit of a barrier between the barista and the customer, which while unfortunate, seems to be necessary in this space.

The biggest change, at least for the tech geeks, is the new espresso machine. The Synesso comes equipped with four pumps: 1 for each group head and one for the steam wand. According to Ed, this allows for continuous use of all three groups without any loss of power, which could effect shot quality. For people who know about such things, this is very exciting (I do not know about such things yet, so while I’m very excited, I’m not quite sure why).

New Synesso

In all, I’m really impressed with the new re-do on the space, and I think that once it gets some espresso stains on the wall and really feels lived in, it’ll be even better. I look forward to seeing it grow. And as always, Ed’s a perfect gentleman:

Ed is polite


~ by neoney on August 12, 2008.

One Response to “Grumpy 2.0”

  1. Hi Anne,
    Thanks for the visit and review. The customer’s name is Darren Gardner.

    …Also, the Synesso just has 3 pumps!
    See you soon,

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