New York Coffee News

So as I sit here in Brooklyn, stewing in envy as all my friends participate in the Slow Food Nation Event. Of course, I would love to be there as well, but here in New York I’ve decided to make my own fun!

To tie in with Slow Food, yesterday for breakfast I stopped by Abraço Espresso with Neil & Jordan, Abraço (and TempTamp) star employee, for a hangover-cure breakfast. Never dissapointing, Liz busted out delicious brussel sprouts and wild cherry tomatoes. Not pictured was the fresh ricotta french toast, which was eaten too quickly to capture.


I also went to the brand spanking new Intelligentsia Training Lab in SoHo. It’s the first dedicated training space to hit New York City and I am totally psyched! Amber and Steve hosted a public cupping, and then we hung out and documented the soon to be world-famous space. Check it out:


The office, which will have an adjustable cupping table that turns back into the floor when you’re done! This is where we cupped.

IMG_3937.JPGThis is the view from the window! The Manhattan bridge.

That space is sweet, and they’re planning on having a grand opening event at the end of next month. I can’t wait.

In other news, Ninth Street Espresso was kind enough to explain the drinks on their menu to ny1, a local news channel here in New York. It’s actually quite a helpful video for coffee-house newbies, so give it a look as well.

Finally, we’re getting geared up for our cupping tomorrow! It should be a lot of fun – and unless I get any cancellations, the event is full.

I’ll probably do Slow Food next year, but for now, I’m happy!


~ by Anne on August 29, 2008.

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