NYCS Cupping Report – 8/30/08 – Everyman Espresso

On Saturday I whipped together another New York Coffee Society event. Neil, Daniel Humphries, and Amber Sather all contributed to the event’s success, though, so thanks to all of them for their help!

s-test 524.jpg s-test 518.jpg

For the cupping, we tasted five espresso blends that are readily available in New York. We tried Intelligentsia’s Black Cat, Counter Culture’s Toscano, Stumptown’s Hairbender, Novo’s Heartbreaker, and Gimme’s Leftist.

Espresso is, by its nature, very balanced, and is therefore not the easiest thing to cup in the traditional way. Because espresso is extracted under the intense pressure of an espresso machine, variations in the blend have to be subtle, or else the espresso will end up tasting off. Therefore, cupping them as we would single origin coffees is more difficult, and it can be hard to find descriptors for the espressos.

s-test 516.jpg s-test 517.jpg

That said, it was somewhat surprising the amount of variance we found among the blends. We thought the Heartbreaker was the brightest and most distinct, with berry and orange flavors standing out. We found the Toscano to be the most mellow of the espressos, with chocolate and caramel. The Leftist was the darkest, with notes of burgundy wine. One of our cuppers mentioned that while she doesn’t ordinarily like Gimme’s coffees, the Leftist was her favorite. We found the Black Cat and the Hairbender to be the most balanced and even of the coffees.

It was great to have so many people show up, and we look forward to having many more events in the future!

s-test 525.jpg


~ by Anne on September 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “NYCS Cupping Report – 8/30/08 – Everyman Espresso”

  1. love what you all are doing! what a great group to have formed

  2. […] Kaffe 1668 I finally held a less advanced cupping than my usual complex lot vs. microlot or espresso blend tastings. We tasted 3 very different coffees, and took our time discussing the method of cupping […]

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