So we’re about to jet over to Portland and Seattle for Coffee Fest this weekend. Before we did, I headed over to the newest shop in our new york family, the Ninth Street at 10th Ave and Tompkins Square park. This is the first block I ever stayed on in NYC so it holds a special place in my heart, and it was in desperate need of a coffee shop!

IMG_4022.JPG IMG_4014.JPG
The space gently reminds me of the Division St. Stumptown in Portland. Ah, memories! And – I can go there tomorrow!

IMG_4010.JPG The merch boxes were the coolest part of the new shop. The show stopper. No, really.

IMG_4009.JPG And Zachary and Christina were hard at work on the first day.

Also, Annie Meyers wrote an article about Neil & I on her slow-food oriented blog. Hopefully we represented the New York Coffee Society and specialty coffee well.

So now, off to the Northwest! I am excited to drink whiskey sours, eat tacos, and obviously, drink coffee. Plus I get to see my wonderful family and friends. Hooray!


~ by Anne on September 10, 2008.

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