Blog Catch Up – Portland, September 2008

So I want to begin by apologizing to our seven consistent readers… we have been delayed in the blogging department. TampTamp and Gimme! Coffee have been taking over our respective lives, and honestly, we have no idea what happened to September. That being said, we have a lot to blog about! First, we will travel back in time to the Road to Epiphany ’08 coffee tour of Portland and Seattle.

Last year when we visited Portland we had one action-packed day, all Stumptown, all the time. This year, we just spent one day there again, but with Jordan leading the way, we hit up a bunch of different hot spots:

Ristretto Roasters

After stumbling into the original Albina Press and eating a delicious mushroom fritatta at our gracious host’s house, we head up to ristretto roasters, a sweet little shop that was in the midst of its morning rush. We squeezed in some espressos and watched the roaster toiling away through the fishbowl window.

Albina Press

Next stop was the new Albina Press for some more delicious coffee. We had a french press of something delicious, and I have no idea what it was. Which is really to be expected when you combine Stumptown coffee and Albina Press baristas, no matter what they’re making. The newer Press also has great seating options, and is mammoth compared to anything we see in New York.


Then we rode up to the Annex for a cupping. And then we were coffeed out, at least for the moment. No fear, margaritas were in order at Por Que No, as well as delcious tacos. Neil & I were priviliged to witness Jordan in his native state, eating a taco at Por Que No.

Coffee House Five

But we weren’t through with coffee! We visited Dan, who was working at The Coffee House Five. It was a great shop, even if our camera’s batteries decided not to document it. Lots of molded concrete and great woodwork, plus beautiful storage – who knew those two words could go together?

Then we stopped in at Amnesia brewery so Neil could drink some of their magical elixir, although we did run into this crowd on the way. We all met up at the 3 o’clock cupping at Stumptown, where we tasted some truly delicious coffees, including the Finca El Injerto Microlot which blew us all away. Another coffee that surprised us was the La Golondrinas, which we’d assumed was a less stellar crop than last year… turns out it’s still last year’s harvest! Despite being a year old green, the coffee was still tasting fantastic.

Ok, ok, but then we were tired of coffee right? Well, sort of. We went to the Downtown Stumptown, supposedly because there was a bike shop Jordan wanted to visit. But who are we kidding? Fortunately that location also serves beer. We also ran into Emily, a recent transplant to Portland from Ninth Street, and it was nice to see her face!

Then we were off to Powell’s, we didn’t buy any books about coffee, and then we headed to Pak Pak for dinner, not before peeking into the Stumptown Roastery and deciding not to hassle anybody. We had done enough coffee that day, really.


~ by Anne on October 12, 2008.

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