Blog Catch up Part 2 – Seattle, WA, September 2008

To continue our PNW adventures…

After Pak Pak, we all decided that we had done all we could in Portland, and headed up to Seattle. We tried to stop in at LavaJava on our way, but unfortunately arrived after closing hours, so once again we had to miss it on this trip.

When we arrived in Seattle, what did we do? We went to sleep. It had been a long day, and we wanted to be ready to start early at CoffeeFest NW!

CoffeeFest was fun the first day, we watched Justin Teisl and others compete at the latte art competition, and toured the booths and such, getting great shots from 49th Parallel and hanging out with Terry Z and the gang at Espresso Parts. After we had finished, we went to the evening’s festivities at Trabant Coffee and headed home to call it a night. We have no pictures of any of it.

The next morning, we missed Dan (the only TempTamp competitor) do his thing at the latte art competition, but we did get to see most of the others. Then we toured the convention floor for a while, talked to these people for a while, and then left to go on a Seattle coffee tour.

On the tour with us were Jonathan Rubenstein, Amanda Byron, Bronwyn Serna, Mike White, Alie Camp, Dan Griffin, Jordan Barber and us. That’s a significant number of people. We all met at the new Caffe Fiore.

Fiore is where Dan used to work, and is the organic arm of the Caffe Vita empire. The new shop is beautiful and full of ornate metalwork and glass. It’s been open a while, but we haven’t had a chance to go on previous visits. We’re glad we were able to this time.

Downtown Ballard Fiore Downtown Ballard Fiore

After Fiore, we all headed up to Lighthouse Roasters and had some great coffee. Their space feels light and homey, and makes a great neighborhood spot. It’s been around a while (since 1995), and seems like it’ll be around a lot longer.

Lighthouse Seattle WA Lighthouse Seattle WA

After Lighthouse we went up the road a bit to Herkimer Coffee. Alie was very excited, because, being from upstate New York, she recognized the Buffalo bridge the coffee shop is named after. While we were getting somewhat over-caffeinated at this point, we still really enjoyed the cafe. The highlight, as evidenced below, was the meticulous roastery room. We went back here later in the week, also.

Roaster Envy Herkimer Roastery

After that, it was a trip to get chinese food with Anne’s family and then off to the Victrola party for a little while before heading home.

We capped off our weekend the next day when we watched Hiroshi Sawada win the latte art competition and then donate his winnings to CoffeeKids (Way to go Hiroshi!) and then went, on the advice of Clover’s David LaTourelle, to the nearby Starbucks, which had just installed a Clover and was brewing high-quality, small batch coffees from El Salvador and Burundi. We each had one, and were pleasantly surprised. David tells us that they’ve been buying higher-quality coffees to pair with their new Clovers, and so it’s good to see that Starbucks is taking the Clover seriously and is trying to use it to its’ full potential.

Starbucks Starbucks Clover

Well that’s it for Seattle. We spent a few more days there, generally avoiding life and coffee before we went back to New York for what became a very busy stretch (as evidenced by our lack of communication).

Next up: The New York coffee report. Lots of great cafes have opened recently and we’ll talk about them.


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One Response to “Blog Catch up Part 2 – Seattle, WA, September 2008”

  1. Mmm, lighthouse. I walk in the door there and they have my soy latte (with almond) all ready for me. Delicious. And the people who work there are very pretty to look at, as well.

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