Up-to-Date Update

So now it’s time to play catch up for September-October. Where was I? Where were we? Besides temping, I was busy helping Beaner Bar in Williamsburg open its doors:

Beaner Bar

The brainchild of 4 Mexican Americans, Beaner Bar is “Brooklyn’s First Euro-Style Mexican Coffee Bar”, whatever that means (I think it may be the first one anywhere). What it really means is delicious intelligentsia coffees, including a mellita bar. We just cupped all their coffees Sunday night, so go in and talk to them about what they’ve got! Also try their mexican mocha, made with secret ingredients, it will be perfect come those chilly New York winter days. They also serve tamales on the weekends, and have home-made cupcakes all week long.

The team behind beaner bar are some of the most genuine and sweet people I’ve come across in a long time, so it’s worth it just to go in and say hi. They threw a crazy party in a 300 square foot coffee shop that spilled out into the street for their Grand Opening/Mexican Independence day. There was mariachi, dancing, and lots of sangria. Now that it’s october it looks like they’re ramping it up for Day of the Dead – November 2nd. Check their website for the invite.

Dan has been busy working away at Variety, also in Williamsburg. The space opened in late June/early July, and it’s now really coming into its own. They’ve got Stumptown coffee and free wireless. It’s like a strange Portland porthole… sorry that was a bad one, I know.

Variety Variety
Variety is located at 368 Graham Ave. They are websiteless creatures.

It’s great to see the seats filling up, but since that was the first neighborhood I lived in in Brooklyn, I knew that the neighborhood was in dire need of a cafe, and Variety wouldn’t have too much trouble convincing people to come in. Make good coffee, be nice, and if you’re the owner, build your own custom shelving. Then the people will come.

I also had nothing to do with the opening of a gorgeous new shop in Tribeca. It’s a swedish-owned shop named Kaffe 1668, after the year coffee was first imported to New York.

Kaffe 1668 Kaffe 1668

Kaffe 1668

The owner was a former regular at Joe and let us sneak in while they were putting their very finishing touches on the space. We had a sample cup of the Esmerelda (yes, please!) on the clover and oohed and aahhed over what we think is the largest – at least in terms of square footage – coffee shop that’s hit New York yet. It was definitely something that’s re-energized my excitement about new coffee shops in New York. They’re coming!

So along with an awesome space and great coffee, they are baking their pastries on-site and doing the free wifi thing, I imagine. I have a feeling that that shop is going to become a great comunity space for Tribeca, much like Joe in the west village, 9th street in the east, and Grumpy in Greenpoint.

Alright, I also got back on track in terms of attending cuppings, and made it to the Friday Counter Culture cupping a few weeks back at Everyman, where I got to try Aida Batile’s newest Pasa crop, which is pretty tasty stuff.

NYCS October

I also went to Daniel’s NYCS cupping last Monday, where we blew threw seven coffees from all around the world, and he made us all try to guess which were from where. The only one the group collectively got right was the natural ethiopian, which tasted like fruity pebbles, so it was fairly unmistakable. Then the evening quickly devolved into beers and general amusement, somewhat coffee-related.

Which reminds me – who all will be at this weekend’s barista pow-wow? I have a feeling it’s going to be a substantial turnout increase from the previous events, or at least by two – since neil & I finally get to go! It will be great to see all my coffee peeps again, it’s been too long.

Then again, sleep has been nice too.

P.S. Oh yeah, and Neil, that guy – he’s now officially pulling shots of espresso at Gimme! Mott St. five days a week, and riding a bicycle! Go visit him, especially on Saturdays, when he needs visitors the most.


~ by Anne on October 22, 2008.

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  1. You know I like tamales!

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