news around town

Here we are, another week gone by in new york city. And what has transpired?

(apologies in advance, this will be a pictureless post).

First, I am happy to announce that I have been named as the new North East region Barista Guild of America chapter representative (dee dee!). So please, send me your emails with any questions you may have about the organization, or let me know if you want to help plan events or even just a get-together of some kind. I think we all know I’m all about barista-camradarie.

And speaking of barista camradarie, I had a great time at the party at Hartfield Road on Sunday. There was a real turnout and it was awesome to see the baristas I hadn’t seen in a long time, as well as two of my favorite people from Ithaca, Collen Anunu and Erin McCarthy.

And before that party, I started tasting some potential espressos for competition (oh, it’s definitely that time again…) with my TempTamp crew at Dames Coffee in Hoboken. We blind tasted 8 different espressos, and came away with 3 favorites: Heartbreaker from Cafe Grumpy (and NoVo), Hairbender from Stumptown, and my friend Anthony’s new espresso, A-train. We thought the exercise was great and want to do it with several more espressos before we make a final decision for competition (hint hint, we love samples!).

Finally, I wanted to announce that I have arrived in the world and become a published author. I am an author of a recipe in Coffee Drinks by Michael Turback. While I don’t think my recipe is particularly exciting, it is always fun to see one’s name in print, and there are plenty of other drinks that are thought-provoking enough to at least give it a mention on the blog, including some award-winning signature beverages for barista competitions.

That’s all for now – oh, and if you haven’t checked out our real blog site in a while, we’ve redesigned and added more links. Check it out…


~ by Anne on October 29, 2008.

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