Thursday Night Throwdown – Blindfolded Edition

So we did this crazy thing on Thursday night at Everyman Espresso, the way only New York Baristas would. We held a blindfolded latte art competition. And it was just as crazy as you might expect.

The Crowd Gathers in preparation.

The Judges The Vanna White and Pat Sajack
The Judges, Mesiter & Chad, and Our Hosts, Katie and Sam.

Onto the competition! Kat from Oslo went first, bless her heart. Amazingly enough, she was not happy with her latte and immediately poured it into the sink. She was kindly granted a do-over. But the results (for hers, mine, and 16 or so others) were similar.

Kat Kat Kat
Kat Jordan The Mouse™
Jordan Jordan Jordan Jordan & Ed

Jordan was up early in the competition and nailed his latte, which he apparently did by listening to cues from the audience. I think pouring 1,000+ lattes a day in the same cup at abraço helps. I love the look on Sam and Katie’s face as he actually poured the latte.

Ramin & Ed were early in the competition as well, and both poured resemblances of rosettas. And were quite handsome while doing so. If I drank lattes every day, i would drink a latte from them any day. But usually they just give me espresso.

Ramin Ramin Ramin Ramin
Ramin Ed
Ed Ed Ed

Dan got up there and, of course, poured an amazing latte. Figures. I can’t even think of an excuse or advantage he may have had, he’s just that good. And I’m jealous.

Dan Dan Dan Dan
TNT Want to hear an innapropriate joke?
Janet Janet Janet

Janet, the post-murky hair stylist (she know works in the same capacity at Joe) did an amazing job of drinking 40s and pouring lattes that night. Very nice! Thanks for keeping us caffinated and in style.

Oh lordy, eventually I got up and did this. And I really wanted the money, I really did. But Meister (who long ago taught be how to pour) told me to “do her proud,” and I was pretty much done for. The pressure! Oh well.

Anne Anne Anne IMG_4301.JPG
Amber Amber Amber

Then it was Amber’s turn. Even in “fun” competitions, Amber is all business. And that night, she was also all purple.

Then Eddie from Oslo was up and the home-team-weighted crowd cheered him on.

Oslo Posse
The Oslo Posse. Oslo had the biggest turnout by shop, so props to them! It was great to see them.

Eddie Ashley
Ashley from Joe also got up and poured her heart out. Get it?

A total of 20 people competed, but I think you get the idea. The winners?

1. Dan Griffin 2. Amanda Ventresca 3. Jordan Barber
Dan's Winnings Amanda's Winnings Jordan's winnings

And this, just to redeem my self-esteem, is a picture of a recent latte. Now I just have to get it down blindfolded.



~ by Anne on November 16, 2008.

2 Responses to “Thursday Night Throwdown – Blindfolded Edition”

  1. Really nice write up. Your blog is soo chic.

  2. […] marked the second official Thursday Night Throwdown in NYC. Last time we did this in NY, we were blindfolded, the CCC training center didn’t exist yet, and Danielle Glasky didn’t live in New York. […]

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