NYCS 1/3/09

NYCS 1/3/09

I just had a little cupping yesterday, to round out the 12-month run for the New York Coffee Society in 2008. We cupped three Ethiopian Coffees and did a bit of a coffee-swap with things people brought!

Here are the notes from the group:

Coffee #1. Intelligentsia Kuriumi, Yirgacheffee

Fragrance (dry): sweet salts, pollen, almond, hazelnut, dirty
• Aroma (wet) & Break: tea, vegetal, caramels, amaretto, cocoa powder
• Brightness: high, grapefruit, lime
• Flavor: very sweet, sweet tomato, same as dry
• Body: light-medium, pungent
• Aftertaste: tart, caramels, sour

Coffee #2. Gimme! Sidamo, Ethiopia

Fragrance (dry):peanuts, banana, plantain
• Aroma (wet) & Break: bread, fennel, licorice, herb (not resin)
• Brightness: low-medium (one high)
• Flavor: subtle fruit with nuts, barnyard, wood, brown
• Body: medium, thick
• Aftertaste: Lingering, strong, astringent

Coffee #3. Grounds for Change “Yirgacheffe”, Ethiopia

Fragrance (dry): wine, orange zest, tobacco smoke, burnt, green leaves
• Aroma (wet) & Break: butterscotch & caramel
• Brightness: lowest
• Flavor: currant, butter, orange, french roast
• Body: medium, mellow
• Aftertaste: light citrus, smoke


~ by Anne on January 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “NYCS 1/3/09”

  1. It would be great if you could include in your comments how much the beans were roasted..

    • Hi Saeco,

      We generally place the coffees on the table from lightest to darkest, so, in this case, the Intelligentsia Kurimi was the lightest, and the Grounds for Change Yirgacheffe was the darkest. However, we also tend to cup lighter roasts, so in many cases it isn’t necessary to distinguish between them. In the future, though, we’ll try to include roast degree wherever there is a difference.


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